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Thursday April 24th 2014

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District 8 campaign expenses

Diane Mack Total $14, 206.59 Votes: 12,408 Bulk Mailing: $6,630.37 Design: $2,204.27 Printing: $1,240.87 Stamps : $1,148.20 Signs: $1,053.50 Billboard: $744.00 Radio Advertising: $600.00 Qualifying Fee: $189.98 Halloween Campaign Promotion: $178.20 Movement for Change: $160.00 [...]

Boone report: Council committee round-up

By IN Reporter Sean Boone After hearing a presentation from All For One Escambia co-chair Scott Remington, City Council voted to approve a consolidated form of government for charter review. Councilman John Jerralds said, Change is now taking an odor and said a unified government between city [...]

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District 9 campaign expenses

Megan Pratt $37,984.65, Vote: 17,859 Postage: $16,659.86 Printing: $12,368.11 Yard signs: $5,136.00 T-shirts: $1,358.37 Mailing: $1,108.43 Party food: $430.43 Filing fee: $189.98 Newspaper ad: $176.00 Photos: $150.00 Team meeting food: $111.17 Petty Cash: $100.00 Post [...]

House GOP goes on retreat

Today our Republican state lawmakers gather for a three-day retreat at Santa Rosa Beach at the Water Colors, where waterfront rooms go for $325 a night. In 2006, a similar event was held and paid for by the Republican Party of Florida - thanks to hefty contributions of lobbyists. Sure the state [...]

Other counties are closing schools

St. Pete Times reports Pinellas school administrators have identified five elementary schools that could be closed next year as the district deals with budget problems and long-running enrollment declines. This year's spending will be cut by at least $21-million — not $13.8-million as was [...]

Ford, Murzin, Evers face budget challenges

Our three State Representatives face huge fiscal challenges in this year. Murzin is in his final term and at the height of his seniority. He wants to run for Peaden's seat in 2010, so does Evers. Ford told local supporters that he will be Speaker of the House by 2012. The state's revenue picture [...]

North Escambia: what’s happening

North Escambia.com has two articles worth reading this morning: Retirement of Escambia School Board Pete Gindl after 50 years in the school system as a teacher, principal and school board member - and we're not counting all his family members that have worked in the system, too. Read [...]

New name for PJC

Pensacola Junior College has a dilemma. What should be its name? There are no more junior colleges in Florida, now that they can offer 4-year degrees. PJC dodged the name "Community" College. Now the shift is to be called a State College. OWCC - Okaloosa Walton Community College - is now [...]

Pensacola Mayoral Race

Mike Wiggins Total: $25,0170.90 Votes: 16,065 Ad Agency: $8,581.63 Mail service: $5,889.54 Postcards: $3,999.14 Website: $2,000.00 Postage: $1,608.43 Fundraiser: $1,459.50 PNJ ad: $730.00 Photography: $375.00 Filing fees: $283.38 Data management: $130.10 Envelopes: $89.17 [...]

District 6 expenses

Jewel beat Jeff Humbles. Looks like Jewel donated fish for the We Vote Fish Fry which gets the Fish Fry total cost up to $2,444.54. Humble spent $623.95 on his gas, meal and repaying himself for loans to the campaign. Jewel Cannada-Wynn Total: $5,766.93, Votes: 2,253 Qualifying: [...]

District 3 campaign expenses

Let's contrast District 7 with District 3. Maren DeWeese beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 2,541 to 2,220. DeSorbo spent in more in mailouts than DeWeese did in total. Heck, his advertising budget was almost as much as DeWeese's total. Lesson: Money doesn't win single member district races in the [...]

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