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Monday December 22nd 2014

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Tice creditor claims Mexican mafia a hoax

The State Attorney's Office released today more documents and DVDs of the interviews with suspects, persons of interest and witnesses - 36 CDs and DVDs. Among the documents is an interview with Silvano Gonzalez, the former Hispanic-American Auto Sales employee who Cab Tice said gave him $20,000 [...]

Eagan issues statement

I received this email from Tim Eagan: I totally support the construction of Pensacola's Maritime Park but I have had very serious reservations about the way the project is currently being carried out. My reservations are as follows: 1. I believe the residents of the city should have full [...]

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

I couldn't believe that I read in the daily newspaper that Charlie "Pac Man" Fairchild is against making it easier for the citizens to bring referendums to the voters and by opposing the proposed charter, Fairchild is also against recall votes on elected officials and other citizen [...]

Buzz: Park construction will continue

I have been assured by several city council members that the City Manager and staff have figured out how to keep the construction work at the Community Maritime Park progressing. The City will not let the delay in the issuance of the CMP bonds impact the project or the Tax Credit bonds that UWF [...]

Proposed veto power for the strong mayor

There is much being made about the strong mayor having the power to veto certain actions by the Pensacola City Council under the proposed charter. What you may not know is that city council can override any vote with six votes, which is only one more vote than what is necessary to pass anything on [...]

Dissecting NBM arguments

A Charlie Fairchild press release is very predictable. If he attempts to defend his positions and those of his PAC, then you will find weak arguments filled with half-truths, points taken out of context and statement made to evoke fear and distrust....all of which can be dissected with simple logic [...]

No Boss Mayor overstates attendance

We received a press release from Charlie Fairchild & Don Caton's PAC - No Boss Mayor. In it, they claim 50 people attended the meeting. Jeff DeWeese, who is the treasurer of the pro-charter PAC, reports that only about 22 people were there. Sam Horton was not in attendance. Marty Donovan [...]

Time for strong leadership

Mayor Wiggins and the Pensacola City Council need to call a special meeting and vote to continue with the bond issue asap. All bond issues since 1931 have been subject to possible petition drives and were allowed to proceed. I can't find in the city charter or ordinances where the city manager [...]

Eagan’s letter

Here is the letter from Tim Eagan in which he says that he will drop the petition. He says that he has a "passion" for the Park and the Port developments. Eagan doesn't say why he ran to the media on Tuesday and claimed that he was pressured into signing an agreement to drop the petition. He [...]

Rescission of rescission

Over 12 hours have passed since Tim Eagan rescinded his rescission of his agreement with the City of Pensacola that got him to rescind his petition that would have rescinded the city council's vote of the bonds for the Community Maritime Park. While it's still early, there is no word whether Eagan [...]

More buzz: Eagan fallout

The word we're getting off the record from city officials is that the effective fallout of the petition drive is that the City Council must postpone the bond issue for 60 days. The delay is going to put the Florida New Market Tax Credits ($2 million) at risk at the very least. Dick Barker is [...]

Was Eagan deal a publicity stunt?

Did Tim Eagan "play" the city and the daily newspaper to get attention for his petition drive and development plan? Tuesday morning few people knew that Tim Eagan was doing a petition against the bond vote. There were rumors of others doing a petition, but there is always somebody doing a petition [...]

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