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Friday January 30th 2015

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Arts Council busted

For the past few weeks, there have been rumblings about the Arts Council of Northwest Florida. Member organizations were complaining about the lack of grants being distributed. Others wanted to know where all the money was going. Gallery Nights were successful. The Arts Council had been given the [...]

Buzz: 16 arrests at Escambia public schools

Friday, Dec. 11 was a particularly violent day in the Escambia Public School District. Sixteen students were arrested at four different schools. Two fights at Washington HS at beginning of day Reportedly one was pretty big with chairs being thrown. There were two fights at Woodham Middle School - [...]

PNJ endorses Bob McLaughlin

As we wrote in the paper a few weeks ago, County Administrator Bob McLaughlin's job is in jeopardy. His contract is up for renewal and we know of at least three commissioners that aren't satisfied with his job performance. In its editorial today, the PNJ comes out in support of the county [...]

ECUA has worst drinking water

ECUA has worst drinking water

On Saturday, the Environmental Working Group released findings of a multi-year study on tap water for major cities nationwide. The study tested MSAs with a population of over 250,000 people and checked for the amount of chemicals present in the water since 2004. Other factors were considered, [...]

Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

My daughter Tricia is an elementary school teacher. She sent me these letters to Santa from first graders at her school: “Dear Santa, I have been good. I held open the trash can 20 times.” “Dear Santa, I would like a Bionicle. I hope Rudolph is in ship-shape.” "Dear Santa, [...]

Vote for top local 2009 news story

Helping children

Who in this community does a good job of helping children? Child are the hapless victims of poverty. They didn't choose their parents and have little control over the living conditions. A couple of programs that come to mind are the PACE Center for Girls and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Who else [...]

Buzz: Park bonds sold (updated)

We have heard that the Community Maritime Park bonds have been sold. Sean Boone is checking with Richard Barker, City Finance Director, to confirm this. The total was for $45,640,000----so Marty was wrong about the $48 million, darn it. CONFIRMED Memo from Barker: Maritime Park Financing Info [...]

Contrast in concession speeches

Reading Marty Donovan's comments in the daily newspaper on his failure to force his third referendum in six years I was reminded how differently M. J. Menge handled the defeat of the county charter referendum in 2004. Menge was dying of cancer and yet he spend 17 months trying to draft a county [...]

Quote of the day

From Marty Donovan: "It’s a shame that people have become so apathetic, or they have just given up on local government." In other words, if you don't agree with Marty, you are apathetic. He just doesn't get people want the park. He didn't win the 2006 referendum. He didn't win re-election. He [...]

Marty Donovan fails

The PNJ and WEAR TV are reporting that Marty Donovan failed to get the necessary valid signatures to force another referendum on the Community Maritime Park. Donovan told PNJ reporter Jamie Page that he only had about 4,500 signatures---which may or may not be accurate---and doesn't expect a [...]

Crist: political chameleon

An interesting analysis of the Crist vs. Rubio race for the U.S. Senate: A sure sign that an election is a year away: Gov. Charlie Crist is changing again. The populist Republican governor is trying to convince people he's a conservative now that his opponent in the Republican primary for [...]

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