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Saturday May 30th 2015

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Boone interviews Nobles on Hall’s retreat

Councilmember says Hall's absence 'unfortunate' by Sean Boone Pensacola Councilman Jack Nobles told the IN on Monday that Sam Hall's abrupt departure from last Thursday's Council meeting was something that should not have happened. "I think it was an unfortunate situation," he says. "You [...]

Port users association may have broken the law

The Port of Pensacola Users Association contributed $3,500 to campaigns of various Pensacola City Council candidates: 8/21/2008 Pratt, Megan Benson: $500 8/26/2008 Nobles, John 'Jack' W.: $500 9/4/2008 Donovan, Marty: $500 9/24/2008 Hall, Sam: $500 10/6/2008 Desorbo, Mike: $500 10/13/2008 [...]

Oops, Pate released from surety bond

According to its February 2004 lease agreement for Warehouse No. 5, Pate Stevedore Company was required to post an annual security deposit, either in cash or by performance, equal to the total value of each year's total rental and total minimum wharfage guarantee --$155,600 for the first year. A [...]

Frozen chicken deal is more than amendment

Spent part of my weekend rereading the so-called amendment to the Pate Cold Storage contract. Let's get real this isn't an amendment. It is brand new lease....a bait and switch. The lessee is a brand new entity, Northwest Florida Cold Storage. The warehouse space is expanded. There is new a [...]

Stalking Sam Hall

PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien tells today the story of how Pate Cold Storage owner Mike Pate sent his son, Jeremy, and his girlfriend..described by Pate as "a real good-looking woman." To go to Hall's home and challenge the councilman on why he left the Dec. 11 council meeting early. I sort of [...]

Florida: land of convicted politicians

NY Times ask, Which is the most corrupt state? My guess would be Louisiana, but I have too many fond memories of Gov. Edwin Edwards. In a Department of Justice tally covering the last decade, Florida wins by its sheer number of guilty. The report, released last week, itemizes convictions in [...]

Paperless Daily

Wall Street Journal reports that the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News may only publish web versions of its paper Mondays through Wednesdays and Saturdays. The papers are owned by Detroit Media Partnership L.P. - Gannett is the operating partner so except similar changes here if the [...]

Walker Holmes Mystery

I've been playing with writing a series of novellas that use Pensacola as the setting. The events depicted in these novellas are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. My goal to is to publish a chapter every week. If they are well received then, I may [...]

Boone report: CMPA meeting

Community Sounds Off Over Park by Sean Boone Every local resident has his or her own opinion to what should be put into the Community Maritime Park. But Friday was the day when those in charge listened to those opinions. The Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA) held a special meeting [...]

Boone report: Odd vote at city council

by IN reporter Sean Boone Sometimes politics beats logic. For Jack Nobles and the rest of City Council, they proved just that on Monday night by voting down a proposed port lease amendment for Pate Stevedore cold storage--even with the majority in favor of the proposal. The amendment would [...]

No regional training facility

Escambia County voted 5-0 to pull out of a $22 million deal to purchase 684 acres north of Molino for a regional police, fire and EMS training facility. Sheriff-elect David Morgan had said he didn't want to eb rushed on such a decision and wasn't sure that it was necessary. Read more.

Commission rescinds West Frazer tax break

NorthEscambia.com reports that Escambia County Commission voted 5-0 Thursday night to repeal the West Fraser’s ad valorem tax breaks, and voted 5-0 to delay action on cutting those given Wayne Dalton.West Fraser cut between 75 and 100 jobs in November. Wayne Dalton cut more jobs, but the actual [...]

Port lessee, CEMEX, had bad day

Shares of Mexican cement and building materials maker Cemex fell 19% Thursday as dismal results from a debt exchange spurred investors to take profits following a big rally earlier in the week. Bloomberg reports: "The company yesterday exchanged about 17 percent of the debt it had offered to [...]

The Good Life: Rod Powell version

When a senior staff member quits, he is required to give a 90-day notice. According to Escambiia County PIO, Sonya Smith, the County Administrator has three options: A) Require employee to work his 90-days, B) Payout all his leave that day and say, "Adios," or C) Allow the employee to leave [...]

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