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Thursday September 18th 2014

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Gaetz sponsors bill to halt double dipping

The Daily News reports that State Sen. Don Gaetz (R-Niceville) is sponsoring Senate Bill 1182 "to end what I consider to be the abuse of the DROP system." The bill would prohibit "a retired person from receiving both a salary from an employer in the state-administered retirement system and [...]

Oops, C.J. is wrong on CRA

In an earlier post on this blog, C.J. Lewis posted: "My only other concern with the Community Maritime Park remains uncertainty about what is going to happen if/when the Community Redevelopment Agency sunsets in 2010? The Council should at least discuss the topic in public as they consider how to [...]

Text message hoax

Several readers have told us that received text messages warning of gang violence at a Wal-Mart store: "Police are asking all women not to go to Walmart tonight. There is a gang initiation, and three women will be shot. This is not a joke." Read more here.

Judge orders mandatory foreclosure mediation

The courts of the First Judicial Circuit have taken aim at high residential foreclosure rates which are damaging the economies of the counties and congesting the court dockets. Pursuant to the direction of Chief Judge Kim A. Skievaski, mandatory mediation will be required, effective April 1, [...]

Crazies come out as CMP vote nears

We are caught in a real life version of the movie "Groundhog's Day" as we have to repeatedly deal with those opposed to the Community Maritime Park and repute the same old attacks again and again- over two years after the city voters approved the project by referendum. Unfortunately, they [...]

Where is Perkins coming from?

It's both perplexing and disturbing that ECUA board member Dale Perkins tried to do an end run around the consolidation effort and get the Emerald Coast Utility Authority excluded from the study. 1) ECUA could not have moved the Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant without funds from both the City [...]

Put up the money

I love how so many of those against the Community Maritime Park now say that the Maritime Museum should be priority. To date, Quint and Rishy Studer are the single largest contributors to the Maritime Museum - $2.25 million. I think in the future those who proclaim the maritime museum is the [...]

What did Sheriff Morgan say?

How much did David Morgan say he would cut the Escambia County Sheriff's Office budget if he was elected? I've reviewed our archives and those of the PNJ and can't find a dollar amount, especially not the $6.8 million that the County Commission wants him to cut. Morgan's statements on the [...]

Buzz: Proposed wording of Perkins amendment

According to our sources, this is the wording of the amendment Dale Perkins is proposing to the consolidation bill: "Neither the consolidation plan nor the commission shall consider, discuss, or propose the consolidation of any entity other than Escambia County, the City of Pensacola, and the [...]

Buzz: Perkins trying to derail consolidation

The buzz from Tallahassee is that ECUA board member Dale Perkins is there to introduce to the House committee considering the bill on consolidation an amendment to exclude the Emerald Coast Utility Authority from the consolidation commission and from the entire process. If this rumor is true, [...]

Another shooting involving teen

Last night, another teen, age 14, was shot in the leg by a drive-by shooter on Hampton Rd. Both Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas and Sheriff David Morgan should be concerned. It seems like every other week a teen is being shot or arrest with a gun. Both are faced with budget cuts - but I [...]

Collier says Studer didn’t appoint him to CMPA

In a phone interview with Judge Lacey Collier, chairman of the Community Maritime Park Board of Trustees, the judge said that he was appointed to fill the seat of Vince Whibbs, Sr. on the CMPA board by the maritime museum board. Originally, the CMPA board had three members - one appointed by [...]

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