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Wednesday September 2nd 2015

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MOBy makes a good point

MOBy makes a good point

Today PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien makes a good point about city councilmen and county commissioners needing to be bold. I would push the point even further. When will the county commission put the public and their civic duty ahead of their re-election aspirations? At Monday's meeting, it was [...]

INdaily has Volunteer Fire audit report

Duwayne Escobedo reports on the volunteer firefighters rebuttal to the Clerk's audit of stipends. We actually have the pdf of the report. Read: Volunteer Fire Audit Note: Comment on the audit - but don't let this debate degrade to personal attacks on the characters of the fire chiefs, union [...]

County missed the ECAT bus

County missed the ECAT bus

Our research is revealing more to the ECAT funding issue than what has been reported by the Escambia Board of County Commissioners. The City of Pensacola funds its part of ECAT with the gas taxes it receives from Escambia County. A portion ($800-900K) goes to ECAT, the balance is used to pave [...]

Budget choices

Commissioner Mike Whitehead did make a bold move when he questioned whether reserves should be used for libraries and ECAT. It would have been very easy to placate the crowd and go along with the motion. But Whitehead is right in asking are books more important than family and children's [...]

Need for charter

The funds for funding the libraries and ECAT are in the Escambia County Sheriff's $75-$80 million budget, but because we don't have a charter, the commissioners have not power to review or modify his budget. Heck, with what the sheriff has paid in taser settlements, the county could pay its share [...]

Battle of the bears

Yesterday's meeting between the Pensacola City Council and the Escambia Board of County Commissioners was a battle of the bears - Commissioner Mike Whitehead and City Councilman Jack Nobles. Whitehead wanted the county to assume control of the public library system and all the funding because [...]


From P.A Ucci - on the Pensacola City Council vote to pay $50,000 to prepare a special assessment plan to fund fire protection: "HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY REMAINING"? For those of you in city hall who were alive during the Senator McCarthy congressional hearings the words were uttered in [...]

Message to Elected Officials

From Jack Moran, Century: To the Pensacola City Council, This move (to give ECAT to Pensacola) by the county would be the kiss of death for the ECAT bus route (once a day service) to Century. This could cost a number of people to lose their jobs - people who can ill afford to lose them. [...]

How to fund ECAT

How to fund ECAT

Escambia County could easily cover ECAT's budget shortfall if it would cut the number of secretaries, administrative assistants and aides in county government. Currently they are 337 such positions, costing us $10,412,035.82 in salaries, $8,065,422.83 in payroll taxes and about $12 million in [...]

State vs. County on cuts

It's interesting to see how the state of Florida handles its budget cuts. Lawmakers are looking at cuts in the state's airplanes ($1.5 million) and letting non-sex offenders out of prison three months early ($220 million). Has the county and Sheriff Ron McNesby considered dropping a helicopter [...]

Get real, EC

Get real, EC

The daily newspaper reports that Escambia County plans to trade Pensacola the Escambia County Area Transit system for the West Florida Public Library System. Get real! Let's quit playing games, Escambia County, and stop trying to pass the buck - literally - to the City of Pensacola. There is a [...]

PNJ calls for Touart retirement

The daily newspaper has finally spoken on the Touart/Bauer land deal. Their position is that County Administrator George Touart should retire. The hard truth is that the adage "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't apply in the court of public opinion. That is why government officials bear a heavy [...]

Thank Buck for US 98

When Escambia County commissioners and the Pensacola city councilmen voted to take $65 million in state and federal funds that had has long been intended to six-lane U.S. 98 near Gulf Breeze and use for projects in Escambia County, they were broke a longstanding agreement to make US 98 a [...]

Highly political week ends

Here is the scorecard: City of Pensacola: No strong mayor, but will review charter. No to another industrial tenant to the Port of Pensacola - Rinker withdraws lease offer. Escambia County: Daily newspaper reveals County Administrator George Touart had business relationships with the parties [...]

Touart survives

The Bauer Road deal got canceled. Touart may have his contract modified so that three votes on the BOCC can remove him from office. The commissioners may even suspend him in September for not disclosing this relationships with Neal Nash and Ronnie Swaine. It's obvious that this Board of County [...]

PNJ offers no opinion of Touart/Land deal

The daily newspaper has devoted two days to the George Touart/Bauer Road land deal. Yet their editorial board has written no opinions on the issue. Mark O'Brien has also avoided the issue. I'm at a loss as to why they would present the story as such a major issue, then not weigh in on what they [...]

Not first time for ethics policy

In January 2004, then-County Commissioner Janice Gilley brought up the idea of instituting such a code of ethics for county employees and an annual performance review of Touart and County Attorney Janet Lander. The discussion went nowhere. It was the time of the Arety's credit card scandal - [...]

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