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Monday March 2nd 2015

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Mayor promises council will discuss Pensacola Promise

Mayor promises council will discuss Pensacola Promise

At last night's debate on the proposed new city charter, Mayor Mike Wiggins committed to placing the Pensacola Promise on the council agenda. Pensacola Promise is a scholarship program that guarantees a college education at PJC and/or UWF for Pensacola high school graduates. It's modeled after very [...]

Televised Charter Debate tonight -Update

Bob Kerrigan is hosting a two-hour debate on his WUWF TV show - Channel 4 - from 6 to 8 p.m. this evening. Former Mayor Jerry Maygarden and current Mayor Mike Wiggins will speak against the proposed charter. The Charter Review Commission chairman Crystal Spencer and I will speak in favor of the new [...]

Fairchild – biggest supporter of No Boss Mayor

The No Boss Mayor PAC has released a draft of its campaign finance report for October. Charlie Fairchild has loaned the PAC $3,000 of the $5,750 cash the campaign has collected. Read NBM OCT. The money was used to buy yard signs for $2,932. It's good to see Charlie to support his beliefs with [...]

Valentino gains another opponent

Karen Sindel has filed to run against Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino in 2010. Valentino now faces five opponents in the Republican primary, including former County Administrator George Touart, Andy Kowalski and Robert Kelley.

Even more pension stats

The City of Pensacola has 2008 estimated population of 53,820. The two Florida cities that are closest in populations are Bradenton (53,513) and Margate (54,086). Bradenton has a blended system. General employees are in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). Fire and Police have pension funds. [...]

More on pensions

The comparisons are even worse. The Escambia County Public School District: 2006 5,668 employees, pension costs $14.9 m, cost per employee $2,632 2007 5,765 employees, pension costs $19.5 m, cost per employee $3,381 2008 5,676 employees, pension costs $18.7 m, cost per employee $3,286

Pension plan train wreck

One of the biggest examples of the financial risks in having an administrative branch of city government that isn't directly answerable to the public is the city pension/retirement system. The staff - with the approval of a large ten-member council - has created a huge financial "black hole" that [...]

Anti-charter tones down Fear & Smear campaign

The No Boss Mayor group has reduced its message down from six to four points and toned down the language. They have combined these two points from the Oct. 16 notice:"1)Accountability for day to day administration is lost because the Mayor will only be accountable once every four years at the [...]

Update on NMTC numbers

The New Market Tax Credit numbers are better than Ed Gray reported in August, based on the latest info that I've received: Sources: Gross Proceeds from Bonds: $44,922,968...............................Not the $48M that Donovan claims - will he need a new Pac name? Museum Cash on Hand: [...]

Two ironies

1. The anti-charter people tell us we should leave government to the city staff. The anti-park people tell us we can't trust the financing plan submitted by staff. Many of the same people are in the same anti groups. 2. The person who has opposed the Community Maritime Park since 2004 - before [...]

New Market Tax Credits – quick look

The use of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) for the Community Maritime Park and particularly the maritime museum has yet to be decided. Here is how Ed Gray of Capital Trust Agency-Community Development Entity presented it in August 2009: SOURCES The City/CMPA Bond issue: $43,000,000 Museum would [...]

What is the CMP bond plan?

The bond financing plan recommended by staff and approved by the council uses New Market Tax Credits which will allow UWF to get $12,256,785 for the maritime museum (if the NMTC portion is approved in November). The bonds includes the interest payments for the first 3 years (called capitalized [...]

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