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Friday October 9th 2015

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McCain-Huckabee ticket?

Columnist David Broder is convinced a GOP ticket of John McCain-Mike Huckabee is one that could win the 2008 presidential election. If the Republican Party really wanted to hold on to the White House in 2009, it's pretty clear what it would do. It would grit its teeth, swallow its doubts and [...]

Pensacola Charter Review Committee set

Proposed members: Floyd Armstrong Mark Crutcher Larry Hicks Bob Holmes Sam Horton Megan Benson Pratt Natalie Prim Ed Ranelli Dee Dee Ritchie Crystal Spencer Alternates Rita Jones JD Smith

Commissioner elves

You need to check out this. Feel free to email to friends - just give us credit. ELF YOURSELF And just in case you are wondering where Commissioner Whitehead is - check Whitehead Dance

Ethics for county employees

The PNJ picks up the ethics policy story that IN reported on Thursday (New Ethics Rules ). This policy will have an impact on county government. Read PNJ article. Miami-Dade county mayor is having the press questions his gifts. Read Mayor: Gifts not a conflict

PNJ poopoos parking garage

The editorial brain trust at the Pensacola News Journal has come out against the proposed parking garage on Pensacola Beach. The lack of beach parking is what holds many of us back from enjoying Pensacola Beach on its busiest days. It is nearly impossible for a local to find parking to eat a [...]

IN Your Head Radio – 11/30 edition

IN Your Head Radio – 11/30 edition

Want to find out how Dana Atkinson stole from the Santa Rosa County Tax Collector's office listen at 1:15 today? I will walk you through the grand theft scheme. On NewRadio 1620 am - listen on your computer

American Red Cross CEO linked to Miss. woman

American Red Cross chief Mark Everson was forced to resign Tuesday, Nov. 27, after reportedly having an affair with a junior employee. The New York Post identified the woman as working for that chapter, while The New York Times identified the woman as the "head of a Red Cross chapter on the Gulf [...]

USA president wants football

According to the Mobile Press Register University of South Alabama President Gordon Moulton said Thursday that he will ask trustees, when they meet next week, to launch an intercollegiate football program. "At this point in time, I think the information that we've been able to gather ... is [...]

Don’t drink the water

The Escambia County Health Department has issued health alerts for parts of Bayou Grande and Bayou Texar because bacteria levels are above state standards. Health officials advise against swimming, fishing and other water-related activities in Bayou Grande at Navy Point south of the Sunset Avenue [...]

Surprise, city council delays another action

Surprise, city council delays another action

There are no surprises with the Pensacola City Council. Last night, the board known for its inaction voted to delay loaning the Community Maritime Park Associates until the Florida Supreme Court decides what to do about bonds that are paid back with CRA funds. CMPA chairman Judge Lacey Collier [...]

SR teachers want pay raise

SR teachers want pay raise

All is not well in the highly successful Santa Rosa County public school system. Teachers are petitioning the school board for pay raises. While Okaloosa and Escambia teachers got raises this year, there was no increase to the salary schedule offered to teachers, teaching assistants and school [...]

Did a grudge play a role in bottle club vote?

Did a grudge play a role in bottle club vote?

The buzz around town is that Pensacola City Councilman Jack Nobles may have changed his position on the closing time for bottle clubs because Brian and Crystal Spencer were in favor of the ordinance that would have changed the closing time for bottle clubs from 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. The Spencers live [...]

WEAR TV 3 adds another of news hour

WEAR TV 3 adds another of news hour

Beginning Dec. 10, the local ABC affiliate will start its afternoon news at 4 pm. Mollye Barrows will be one of the anchors. The Sinclair-owned station has lost ground to Mobile's WKRG this past year. Plus, management believes there is more potential ad revenue in extending the news.

Oral Roberts University Scandal on IYHR

Oral Roberts University Scandal on IYHR

Today on IN Your Head Radio, I will interview reporters from the Oklahoma Gazette on the scandals that have rocked Oral Roberts University. Last Friday, ORU president and televangelist Richard Roberts resigned as president. In his resignation letter, Roberts wrote that his decision was [...]

Edwards backs out of Destin event

Edwards backs out of Destin event

The Fort Walton Daily News reports that John Edwards is passing on the campaign fundraiser scheduled for tonight at Harbor Docks in Destin. Restaurant owner Charles Morgan says Edwards chose to attend a event in Iowa instead. “Iowa’s the whole ball game right now,” Morgan said. Read [...]

Charter school problem

Jacqueline Harris Academy has had its school buses shut down for being "Grossly Incompliant With Documentation." WEAR TV 3 reports that the Escambia School District's school bus inspector found the school had expired driver certification. The school had done no finger printing or criminal [...]

We interviewed Guiliani

We did interview GOP frontrunner Rudy Guiliani today on IN Your Head Radio as he was stepping on a plane for flight to St. Petersburg, Florida. Guiliani was sharp and quick-witted during the ten minute interview. We got into his attacks on Mitt Romney's record on fighting crime and how Guiliani [...]

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