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Wednesday October 1st 2014

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BOCC heads towards another ED committee

The Escambia County Commission was shorthanded today for its Committee of the Whole meeting. Both Grover Robinson and Kevin White were out of town. The remaining three voted to proceed with a "Blue Ribbon" task force on economic development that will take the proposal out forth by Mort O'Sullivan [...]

Hockey is a go…maybe

The Escambia County Commission instructed County Administrator Bob McLaughlin to negotiate a contract for hockey at the Pensacola Civic Center by May 1. The commission will still have to approve the final agreement so don't start buying tickets just yet.

Rare find at Downtown Library

In September 2008, a hand-bound booklet, very old in nature, of 96 pages was discovered in the Downtown Library garage in a Donations box placed out by the Book Sale Committee.The item was included with several pieces of old sheet music in a brown paper bag. Judi Patrick identified the item as a [...]

Kerr owned Ice Pilots for two seasons

Tim Kerr bought the Pensacola Ice Pilots in 2003. His first season (2003-04) he reportedly lost $420,000. The next season despite dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, the team won the Brabham Cup that signifies the league's regular-season championship while amassing franchise records for [...]

Round 2: Economic Development Polka

Two weeks ago, Mort O'Sullivan and the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce delivered to the Escambia County Commission and the Pensacola City Council their proposal for revamping economic development. Tomorrow the Board of County Commissioners tackles economic development with their own [...]

Engineers make recommendations on bidding process

The Northwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society is making its recommendations to Escambia County Commission on how to improve its process for awarding professional services contracts. Here are some of them: 1. Award engineering contracts on studies under $25K for projects with [...]

Hockey proposal

Southern Professional Hockey League is on the County Commission's agenda for tomorrow. In Feb. 26 letter to Commissioner Wilson Robertson, former Ice Pilots owner Tim Kerr made the following offer to lease the Pensacola Civic Center: 1. $2000 per night per game 2. $1 per ticket sold 3. 15% of [...]

Century residents write Obama

NorthEscambia.com is reporting that Century residents have started a letter writing campaign to President Barrack Obama to save Carver-Century K-8 School. Read more.

Who is speaking the most at council meetings

Jaime Page's column today writes about the marathon committee meetings. Diane Mack had a friend analyze how did the speaking during the nearly eight-hour meeting (7:15 according to Page) on March 23. Staff spent 2:37 making presentations - curbside recycling ate 53 minutes and passed [...]

MSNBC: Pensacola in recession

MSNBC.com and Moody's Economy.com are publishing monthly the Adversity Index, which measures the economic health of 381 metro areas and all 50 states. Each area is judged to be in recession, at risk, recovering or expanding. Here is the analysis of Pensacola: In Recession Employment [...]

20 years to honor principal

Press Release B.T. Washington High Class of 1987 Honors Sherman L. Robinson It took many years, but the B.T. Washington High School Class of 1987 made good on a promise to honor the late Sherman L. Robinson who served as principal from 1979 through 1988. Recently, the City of Pensacola [...]

Boone Report: Rush to nothing

IN reporter Sean Boone attended yesterday Council meeting. This is his report. Another day, another Community Maritime Park meeting. On Monday, Pensacola City Council spent nearly three hours discussing an updated developer agreement that…well…none had even read yet. According to City [...]

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