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Friday July 3rd 2015

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Build the Community Maritime Park

BUILD COMMUNITY MARITIME PARK WHY? • Create a focal point for the community that connects it with its waterfront in an exciting way. • Create jobs and stimulate our local economy. The Community Maritime Park will create 1,500 jobs. The City of Pensacola has been successful at creating [...]

South Florida looks to create 14,000 jobs

Broward and Palm Beach counties aren't bashful about asking for funds from the Obama economic stimulus package. The $2.5 billion wish list, which was put together by the 15 mayors in those counties, includes new city buildings, police and fire stations and improvements to roads, bridges and parks. [...]

Navy says they are saving economy

The daily newspaper reports that NAS Pensacola has issued a report that says the base employed more than 21,000 military, civilian and contract employees in 2008, with a total economic impact of more than $1.15 billion. - up about $39 million from 2007. Does anybody feel it ---other than those [...]

ECUA recycling collects 140 tons

NorthEscambia.com reports that Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s new recycling program has kept nearly 140 tons of residential waste out of the county’s landfill during the program’s first three weeks of operation. During the first week of the program, 36.71 tons of recyclables were [...]

Public works projects create jobs

Bay County is building a new area that it plans to open in May 2010. There are currently 293 workers at the site, including 150 from Bay County, or about 51 percent. Project manager Jeff Dealy told the News Herald that number of workers at the site should swell to at least 500 and as many as 700. [...]

Chapter 7 – Walker Holmes

The Walker Holmes mystery "Deadline" continues. Sorry it has taken two weeks to get this out. Enjoy! Remember the events depicted in this novella are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. I have used some real places, but the characters are [...]

Cool picture of the Inauguration

Photographer David Bergman has a 1474 megapixel photo of President Obama's Inaugral address. You can focus on any face in the crowd...just give it a second or two for the faces to come into focus. This is amazing. Check it out here

Master Developer responds

Statement by Maritime Park Development Partners We are pleased that the comments regarding the DRAFT agreement are consistent from City Manager Al Coby, city staff, city consultant Barry Abramson, CMPA board and CMPA consultant Owen Beitsch. The MPDP development team has reviewed the comments [...]

Buzz: City has permits for CMP

We heard the City of Pensacola has received the environmental permits for DEP for the Community Maritime Park.

Touart wants legal fees paid

Former County Administrator George Touart has sent the Escambia County Commissioners a request that his legal fees incurred to defend an ethics complaint in regards to his business relationships with owners of land that the county was purchasing. Fees $3446. Other costs $183.60 read [...]

Coby recommends against Land Capital agreement

City Manager Al Coby is recommending that the Pensacola City Council not approve the master developer agreement with Land Capital Group (now called Maritime Park Development Partners) for the construction of the Community Maritime Park. "The CMPA and Maritime Park Development Partners can [...]

Inmate may have had AIDS

Shelia Jackson, who died in the Escambia County Jail infirmary on Wednesday, Jan. 21, may have suffered from AIDS. We reviewed her case file at the Clerk of Courts offices today. Ms. Jackson did have a case worker from Project Aids Care. There is a 12/23/08 memo to Judge Nobles from her PAC [...]

Ever has consolidation bill

State Rep. Greg Evers has a consolidation bill that he will be proposing to the Northwest Florida delegation. It has a wrinkle that will give him and his fellow lawmakers power over the final referendum that will go before Escambia County voters....which seems to be way to guarantee campaign [...]

Hurray! Pensacola makes UK website

Unfortunately it is a website about bingo - www.bingonews.com.

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