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Friday November 27th 2015

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Valentino Earns FAC’s ACC

Valentino Earns FAC’s ACC

Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino has been presented with the Advanced County Commissioner (ACC) designation by the Florida Association of Counties. The designation follows the commissioner’s completion of a comprehensive study program developed by the association. “I am [...]

How Gene Valentino treats his fellow commissioners (Video-updated)

This is a very rough edit of the June 20 BCC Agenda Workshop and the clips how the chairman, Gene Valentino, belittled and bullied Commissioners May, Barry and Robinson. He talks over Lumon May and then rudely attacks him. He's upset that they met with the sheriff's office, even though he had only [...]

Escambia’s Big Gamble, or ‘No Blinking’

Escambia’s Big Gamble, or ‘No Blinking’

The Escambia County Commission has decided to take over operations of the Escambia County Jail. The move follows fruitless negotiations with the Escambia County Sheriff, the facility’s current manager, and was spurred by a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that mandates the county address [...]

Brush Strokes and Non-Starters

Brush Strokes and Non-Starters

It’s unclear what course of action the Escambia County Commission will take in response to the recent U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the operations of the Escambia County Jail. The board clearly didn’t have much appetite for any of the proposals brought to them this morning by [...]

Panama Gene and the Flow Control Victory

Fresh off his economic development trip to Central America, Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino is jazzed about possible opportunities locally. “Contrary to the pundits, I was not on the beach sunning myself,” he said this morning during the commission’s agenda review [...]

County Jail cited by DOJ as unsafe, needs more staff and better mental health program

County Jail cited by DOJ as unsafe, needs more staff and better mental health program

The Civil Right Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has concluded its five-year investigation of the Escambia County Jail and its findings are as bad as Sheriff David Morgan tried to warn the Escambia County Commission. While the report commends Morgan for his efforts to reform the [...]

Stand down, fumbles and Act II this week

Stand down, fumbles and Act II this week

Last week was one of those rare weeks when news seemed to come from every direction. We had Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, the first African-American female to ever hold that position, resign hours before Attorney General Pam Bondi and other law enforcement agencies announced nearly 60 arrests [...]

Valentino Vents

Valentino Vents

Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino learned about the mess over at the chamber of commerce a few days ago. “I’m a little disappointed with the whole thing,” he said this morning. “I don’t wish any ill will to the chamber, but boy, am I disappointed.” The commission [...]

City on ECAT: ‘No Decisions Have Been Made’

City on ECAT: ‘No Decisions Have Been Made’

Pensacola City Council members this week spoke out against Mayor Ashton Hayward’s apparent intention—relayed via a public statement from Escambia County Commission Chairman Gene Valentino—to use a recently passed gas tax to further economic development efforts instead of contributing to mass [...]

Valentino challenges City on its pulling gas tax revenues from ECAT

Our reporter Jeremy Morrison is covering the Escambia County Commission agenda workshop. He just texted me that Commissioner Valentino has made a statement against Mayor Ashton Hayward's intention of using the city's portion of the new gas tax for its proposed Project Stallion (a 'top secret' deal [...]

Touart’s Return

George Touart is returning to county government. In a move Escambia County Vice Chairman Gene Valentino described as a way to keep the county “moving forward in a positive way,” the county commission named the former county administrator as interim administrator. “It’s a patch on the [...]

Life After Randy

With Randy Oliver gone, the Escambia County Commission must now decide who will take the reins as County Administrator. “I really can’t tell you for sure,” said Commission Chairman Wilson Robertson recently. During the board’s meeting Thursday, commissioners will delve into the issue. [...]

Foreign Delegation Dollars

Recently returned from scouting out business interests in Germany, Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino told the commission this morning to expect visits from foreign delegations checking out the area. The commissioner found a receptive audience as he requested $150,000 to better lure the [...]

The Randy Conversation

The parameters of a discussion regarding Escambia County Administrator Randy Oliver’s contract remain a mystery. The county commission is scheduled to take up the matter during tomorrow’s work session. “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow,” Commissioner Kevin White said this [...]

Commissioners Face Gibbs Alone

Three Escambia County Commissioners facing individual lawsuits may be on their own. The lawsuits stem from decisions each commissioner made in an official capacity. “I don’t know how the board plans to proceed on this point,” said Escambia County Attorney Alison Rogers “It is true that [...]

Commissioner Valentino on Bay Bridge Toll

Earlier this month, the Escambia County Commission passed a resolution opposing a toll on the bay bridge. State transportation officials invited Commission Chairman Wilson Robertson to Tallahassee this week to let him know they were miffed at the move, arguing the funds for needed improvements on [...]

Dirty Smurfs

Escambia County officials have no interest in seeing a recycling center on a collection of remediated Superfund sites. They also don’t want to see any little blue men on the properties. In December, the county was primed to hand off the properties until officials learned that Pensacola could [...]

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