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Tuesday November 24th 2015

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Water World Day – Hopjacks

Water World Day – Hopjacks

By IN reporter Ryne Ziemba Local Environmental Group to Host World Water Day Event at Hopjacks According to the website www.worldwaterday.org, 1.1 billion people in the world rely on unsafe drinking-water sources. Similarly, a report on the United States' water quality done by the EPA in 2002 [...]

Jeff Miller and two buddies back Lay

Jeff Miller and two buddies back Lay

Pace principal Frank Lay received a letter from Congressman Jeff Miller and two other members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, J. Randy Forbes and Mike McIntyer. According to the letter, the CPC has 54 members. The daily newspaper's headline states the caucus backs Frank Lay, but that is not [...]

BTW: Miller voted No on 2010 budget

It's a little ironic than Congressman Jeff Miller published his list of appropriation requests last week, but voted against the House version of the national budget for fiscal year 2010.

Miller’s Wish List

Congressman Jeff Miller has released his list of appropriation requests: Defense Appropriations $29.484M Energy and Water Appropriations: Infrastructure Protection Technology for Department of Energy Control Systems $2 million Labor Appropriations: Hometown Heroes Reach Out and Raise Hope [...]

Miller votes against Children’s Health Insurance

Congressman Jeff Miller voted last Wednesday against Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009. Total vote: 290 yeas to 135 nays. The bill will have a posi tive impact on the area's only children's hospital - Sacred Heart. It funds State Children’s Health Insurance [...]

No Obama wish list here

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that Broward County has submitted its wish list for the Obama Economic Stimulus package to its Congressional delegation. How came we heard nothing from our Escambia and Santa Rosa county leaders on submitting a similar list to Congressman Jeff Miller and Sen. [...]

Who will replace Mel Martinez

The biggest name being batted around is popular former Gov. Jeb Bush. However, I wouldn't rule out MSNBC host and former Congressman Joe Scarborough. Yes, he's moved to the Washington, D.C., but I don't think he's sold his Pensacola home yet. Joe did very well as political analyst during the [...]

Miller upset with Sears

Sears Retail recently introduced the All American Army Brand's First Infantry Division clothing collection. Military sold licensing rights to Sears for the clothing, much like a college or pro sports team. Congressman Jeff Miller tells the Daily News that he isn't happy about it. "These are [...]

New blog keeps eye on Miller

Congressman Jeff Miller is being watched on a new blog - The Jeff Miller Chronicle. Today's post - Miller Broke?

Miller plagiarizes speech

Daily News reports that Congressman Jeff Miller posted a speech on his Web site without acknowledging that it was written by a speech Sen. Johnny Isakson from Georgia for his son's high school graduation in 1988. Isakson has since given it more than 100 times, according to the article. Miller [...]

Miller for Lt. Gov.

Here's the new rumor. If John McCain gets elected president, he will appoint Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to the Attorney General spot. Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp will become governor. Then our Congressman Jeff Miller will be made the new Lt. Governor of Florida. It's just a rumor, but remember you [...]

Roberts bows out

One-time Democratic candidate for Congress Joe Roberts has given up his bid to unseat Jeff Miller. Roberts had broken away from his party in February citing differences over with the Escambia County Democratic Women's Club's demand that he be pro-choice. Roberts was adamant about his pro-life [...]

gulf1 campaigns for Miller

Just got another email blast from gulf1.com - even though I have unsubscribed about two dozen times - this one touts VP Dick Cheney's visit. Here is the tag line that came with it: "Vice President Dick Cheney is coming to Northwest Florida to honor one of the nations most respected Congressman, [...]

Miller’s wish list

Congressman Jeff Miller lists his funding requests that he has submitted to the House Appropriations Committee on his website. Okaloosa County does very well - $95.535 million with $74.45 million for Eglin & military Walton County -$10.35 million with $7 million for widening Hwy 331. Santa [...]

Miller votes down child health insurance

Veto Override on Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension and Improvement - Vote Failed (260-152, 19 Not Voting) The House fell 15 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override President Bush’s veto of this bill reauthorizing and expanding the Children’s Health Insurance [...]

NY Times and Miller endorse McCain

NY Times and Miller endorse McCain

Both the New York Times and local Congressman Jeff Miller have come out in support of Sen. John McCain for the GOP presidential nomination. WEAR TV reports: "I am pleased to announce my support of Senator John McCain for President of the United States. Senator McCain is a strong leader and a [...]

Navarre-Pensacola Beach road to open mid-2008

Well, sort of. The Daily News reports Panhandle Grading and Pavement Inc. will complete two lanes of the road from Navarre Beach to Opal Beach by next summer. Opal Beach is where the picnic grounds were between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. Unfortunately that is where the road will end. There [...]

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