Andrade raises $50K in first month

Republican Alex Andrade announced his campaign coffers for Florida House District 2 has over $50,000 in the first month of the campaign with over 170 donations.

“We’re excited and encouraged by the strong start to our campaign. Throughout this first month we worked hard to take our conservative, results-oriented message to each and every part of the district and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re committed to continuing to work hard to grow our base of support and ensure Florida is the best state in the country to live, work, retire and vacation,” Andrade said in a press announcement

“I can’t thank our supporters enough for the trust and confidence they’ve placed in me and our campaign. I’m energized and humbled by the start to the campaign and I’m looking forward to the months ahead,” Andrade concluded.

Andrade is running for the House seat currently held by Frank White, who is running for Florida Attorney General.


2 thoughts on “Andrade raises $50K in first month

  1. I would like to suggest that your recommendations be required for all candidates seeking political office in the state. They should by all means be required to declare their intentions.

  2. I hope that this is the election cycle when the media begins to routinely require all legislative candidates to describe with sufficient specificity the top three legislative actions they intend to propose if elected. That seems a reasonable thing to ask given that a legislator’s primary power is to propose “legislation.” Legislators exercise no executive or administrative authority. For example, on Alex Andrade’s campaign website he says that he wants to reduce the “size and scope” of government. Many voters say the same until told the change would negatively affect them. People always say they want change so long as the change does not impact them. That is why the status quo is so compelling and why elected officials who do nothing never rocking the boat keep getting reelected as if by autopilot. If reducing the size and scope of state government is Andrade’s main objective in running for office, and that does seem a noble goal, then he should be ready and eager to identify at least three state agencies or programs that he wants to propose be eliminated or reduced in size. The obvious challenge is that any reduction in the size of state government would likely require a veto-proof majority of both houses of the Florida Legislature. In sum, all candidates should be made to own up in advance to what they intend to do. Further, when a candidate proclaims that they will be guided by the Bible and not the United States Constitution, as was the case with theocrat Mike Hill, perhaps they should be made to identify the specific passages of sacred scripture that will guide their decision-making as a legislator. Also, perhaps this will be the election cycle when the media analyze in detail the campaign contribution “money trail” and identifies the amount and percentages of given by donors within the election district and those outside and also the amount and percentages given by political action committees, corporations and citizens. It seems reasonable to assume that if political action committees and corporations in Orlando, Tampa and Miami are making contributions to a local election her in the Pensacola Bay Area then they expect to get something in return whether that be access or favorable consideration of legislation drafted by lobbyists on their payroll.

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