Bay County starts work on $37-million sports park (Mayor Hayward, please read footnote)

Yesterday, Bay County broke ground on a $37-million sports park that will include an outdoor field complex, athletic fields, walking and biking trails. It is expected to have a $23.2 million economic impact in its first year and is anticipated to bring in more than 1,000 jobs. The park is off of Panama Beach Parkway.

Sports Facilities Management will manage the park, and Phoenix Construction Services will build it. The park is scheduled to open in May 2019.

St. Joe Co. donated land and $2.8 million to the project. The Bay County School District is funding the road costs because it will build an elementary school nearby. The Tourist Development Council is contributing about $7.6 million more for buildings, technology, artificial turf and other expenditures associated with the project.

Note for the Mayor Ashton Hayward: The winning bid from Phoenix Construction came in at $51.5 million, but county staff worked with the contractor, made modifications to the design and reduced Phoenix’s contract to $23.8 million.


3 thoughts on “Bay County starts work on $37-million sports park (Mayor Hayward, please read footnote)

  1. Greg. That is what sets us aside from the rest of the state. The only one that has any vision in this city is Quint. The mayor thinks he can out do him, out think him, and out spend him. It will never happen. The mayor should give Quint the keys to the city, but instead he is ungrateful. I have traveled every inch of this state and can tell you that Pcola is way behind. Every poll shows it. Its a “whats in it for me” city. But I am confident that we will get there as long as people are informed. Do not elect another young, broke, egotistical mayor for starters. And for gods sake do not spend another dime until he and his cronies are gone.

  2. The fact that Pensacola still hasn’t built a youth sports complex for (pick your travel sport) is mind-boggling to me. There are literally a dozen within an 3 hour drive in either direction of Pensacola and they are packed weekend after weekend along with the hotels and restaurants that surround them.

  3. Cmon Rick, you know that aint how us good ole boys do business around here. We are on the Flip Side of Florida. Gotta be something in it for me. Flip me a little something, and me and my boys will sell it to em.

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