Blue COW

The Pensacola City Council will address one of the city’s so-called ‘blue laws’ today during its Committee of the Whole meeting. Blue laws are typically older regulations that attempt to bar certain activities on Sundays.

Planning Administrator Sherry Morris explained to the city council in August that most of Pensacola’s blue laws have faded away through the years.

“The alcohol sales are really the last hold overs,” she told them.

The city of Pensacola currently does not allow establishments to sell alcohol before 11 a.m. on Sunday. The council will consider revising the rule to allow sales to begin at 7 a.m., as they do on other days of the week.

“I really don’t understand the purpose of these blue laws,” Councilwoman Sherri Myers said at the August meeting, terming the law as “antiquated.” “They serve really no purpose other than to inconvenience people.”

Also today during its COW meeting, the council will discuss several issues with the mayor’s proposed 2013 budget. Following last week’s first public hearing on the budget, council members indicated more information was needed concerning the Downtown Improvement Board’s budget, as well as the city’s new marketing contract with the Zimmerman Agency.