Breaking: Garcon Pt. Bridge toll still has not dropped

On July 28, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would have FDOT cut the tolls for the Garcon Point Bridge in half. Nearly a month later, the tolls haven’t changed.

Inweekly asked State Rep. Alex Andrade what’s going on:

“Negotiations are ongoing and I’ve been told they’re going in a positive direction. My hope is the bondholders understand the risks they’re actually facing here if an agreement isn’t reached.

“As an outsider, I can’t speculate further than that. It’s a delayed process when you’re providing notice to multiple different parties. This isn’t two people in a room going over a balance sheet. You have lawyers representing multiple different interests, bondholders, FDOT and ultimately a need to have some confidence the Legislature will sign off on whatever money is being expended.

“I believe the toll reduction will happen soon, but as an outsider, I couldn’t tell you what “soon” means as far as days or weeks go. “