Breaking news: ECAT driver dies of COVID

From the ATU 1395 that represents ECAT bus drivers:

“It’s with sadness I must report that ATU Local 1395 has lost a member and our Union Brother to COVID-19.

“39-year Union member and Bus Operator James McIntyre passed away yesterday evening at Sacred Heart Hospital here in Pensacola after being in the ICU for about a week and being induced into a coma with a ventilator.

“James was the number 2 driver on our seniority list for many years. He recently submitted his paperwork for retirement.

“Please keep his wife Carol and his family in your prayers.”

County Administrator Janice Gilley refused to make face masks mandatory for her employees. The COVID-19 precautions came after the union insisted on them. ATU 1395 president Mike Lowery was fired for speaking out for the safety of drivers and riders.


14 thoughts on “Breaking news: ECAT driver dies of COVID

  1. Shanterika Thomas I had known Mr James since I was 14 of age!!! He was always nice when ever he had sence you were going thru something he will pray for you… He was well dressed and he kept smelling good very neat, and had his uniformed pressed and neat every day he also had creases in his uniform pants from the head down he was clean, respectful,funny and had a spiritual word and a very friendly voice he was one of my favorite drivers. I’d known him for 19 yrs. And it was always a pleasure to see him and ride his bus!!! Rest up easy and peacefully God had called his angel home. I’m truly going to miss you, my prayers go out to your wife, your kids, your grand kids and family and friends.

  2. Good morning I’m so sorry to hear about James I had been knowing him for some long years most of all the years he works at Ecat he was a real nice young man I use to catch the bus with my son at the times he will always say gm hey young man take care of your mom he was a sweet caring young man who care so much about people very nice we going to miss him God blessing to his wife & family my prayers my condolences to the family a soldier has got his wings God blessing over everything & everyone.


  4. Can’t shake my sadness at this loss. :( Just one of the nicest people you would ever meet. Our heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. I didn’t know him that well, or that long, but you didn’t have to to know what a big heart he had. Just a few moments was enough for that.

    –Melissa Pino

  5. My prayers are with Mr. James McIntyre! He was a great Godly man, who loved to pray with you, and he stood up for the rightful truth. I will miss you. But I am also trying to figure out how do we blame the county for his passing when he was not even working in quite a while. This “blog” could have spoken to the man he was, not a way to involve politic. The write up seems a bit misleading to say the least.

  6. This is unbelievable… Miss all the good times talks and laughter as co workers at ECAT. You will always be remembered for the Good you installed in me as Admin/Customer Service at Ecat. Rest Easy my Friend🤗

  7. He was our friend for years he played basketball in old Truman’s everyday my dad George Stallworth learned James to drive the routes for E-Cat so many years ago I seen that picture of him I said oh my God that is James aka lil woop

  8. Mrs. Carol,

    James was a wonderful GODfather 2 me &
    my kids &
    he always bragged about U, LoL!

    U & I
    had the pleasure of meeting each other when U &
    your husband were N Sears a few years back,
    right when my husband had just passed away with esophageal cancer.

    I know all 2 well,
    what the feeling of seeing them suffer is like !

    I also,
    know just like,
    I know U know,
    that GOD came 2 take his child home with him,
    while he is allowing this Earth 2 B cleansed.

    even though that’s not going 2 stop U from missing your husband,

    I hope that, 1 day,
    U will find comfort N knowing that he,

    got a chance 2 go home
    with our

    GOD !

    U know that he was always preaching with that friendly face &
    comforting voice 2 every1 that he met,
    & so,

    he was always headed toward home 2 our creator anyway,

    he was such a wonderful man !

    Going home 2 spend time with U
    Going home 2 the LORD
    was top PRiORiTY 4 JaMes !

    & U already know,
    he will always B with U

    N spirit,
    now &
    4ever more !

  9. My Oldest Brother was a smiling face of E-cat, when ever you see him he smiling “James” My Oldest brother took his wings and we will truly truly miss him and 💜💜💜 James gone to soon. I always would say to him Big Bro As I look at you & Joe at yall age when I get there age Im gonna be a Bless Beautiful Woman 🥰 And today I hurt so much 😭 Lord Strengthen My Family The McIntyre & Bogan Family & Knight of Alabama.

  10. It’s sad that we have lost a gentleman who gave 39 years to this community! I knew him as my wife and I and our daughter have ridden ECAT for the last 30 years. Our condolences to his family and co-workers!! Yes these county commissioners need to be held accountable as well as the County Administrator!! EVERYONE OF THEM!!!

  11. Many prayers from my family to his and his coworkers. He was loved by everyone. He made rides bearable and happy.

  12. How many more people have to die before the county takes any precautionary steps to help slow the spread? Residents, county employees, business owners, the Mayor, & even a few lifeguards have begged them for help. Yet they’ve literally done nothing to help. They’ve done everything in their power to discredit their own mask up campaign. Bergosh continually posting to debate the effectiveness of masks, Underhill encouraging a local anti mask group, & the other commissioners with their heads buried deep in the sand, is truly gross negligence. It all comes down to them allowing their partisan politics get in the way. The only one that’s tried to help is Lumon.

    Gilley & her gang of ignorant commissioners have blood on their hands. They need to be held accountable. Gilley should resign & the rest of the idiots need to be voted out.

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