Buzz: More Century prison cases expected

Yesterday, Inweekly reported that 306 of the 504 new cases reported in Escambia County were associated with the state prison in Century.

County Administrator Janice Gilley confirmed that information with the commissioners, and she told them more cases are likely from the prison.

“I want to make sure you are aware that today’s spike in Escambia positives is related to the state’s testing at the Century Correctional facility,” wrote Gilley in a text. “In speaking with Director Mott at FDOH, she does expect more to come soon due to the large number of outstanding tests awaiting results (528 remain at this time).”

Of 504 new cases, 234 new cases were among Escambia County residents – the most in a single day since July 16.


2 thoughts on “Buzz: More Century prison cases expected

  1. I recently found your blog and I applaud you for doing the stories the news journal isn’t doing. Regards to Janice Giley why has her apparent lack of management skills to handle the pandemic been allowed to continue? Who hired her and who can fire her? She needs to fired for bungling the crisis before more die on her watch.

  2. I guess that’s why she doesn’t want to test Escambia County Jail inmates.

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