Buzz: Possible PensaCon bomb scare

Ethan Van Sciver, a comics artist known for illustrating or drawing covers primarily for DC Comics, took to social media this past weekend to say PensaCon had revealed the convention, scheduled for Feb. 22-24, had received a bomb threat.

The alleged threat came over a feud between PensaCon and fans regarding the controversy surrounding Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna, who has been accused of sexual harassment.

The message that Van Sciver posted appeared to be from an irate fan to PensaCon:

According to Van Sciver, PensaCon told him the Department of Homeland Security had been notified of the threat. However, after he posted about it on his Twitter account, Van Sciver said that he was contacted by the FBI, who said that they had no knowledge of the bomb scare.

Inweekly contacted the Pensacola Police Department last night. PPD said that the department has been made aware of the threat and is investigating it.

PensaCon took down its Twitter account over the weekend. However, PensaCon addressed the controversy on its Facebook page yesterday:

Let’s dispel any social media rumors or allegations now before they spread any further. We take all harassment and threats very seriously.

The notion that Pensacon would not report any threat to law enforcement is ludicrous. Local authorities and other agencies have been involved since we began receiving harassment via email last week.

Some of you have seen that these people have continued to attack our social media – even on our post today where we explained that our security is being tightened because of their posts.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend and having a wonderful Pensacon!

Van Sciver claims that Pensacon has threatened to sue him for defamation. He shared this message exchange with PensaCon’s Mike Ensley:

The fight appears to have been fueled somewhat by Ensley on PensaCon’s now deleted Twitter account as he tried to deal with supporters of Mignogna that had posted they would protest at the convention.

Here is a version of the controversy posted by Dabney Claire Edwards on Twitter two days ago:

Pensacon threatened attendees that would soon go to their convention. Asking to voice peaceful opinions legally across the street and or wear a custom shirt with the hashtag #IStandWithVic. That is all.

Mike Ensley kept reposting to every commenter rude and farfetched assumptions that fans would show up purely to harass or boo, Monic Rial. Which definitely wasn’t even a forethought or afterthought.

He threatened attendees that they could wear what they wanted but they wouldn’t be allowed on the premises or police would be called and the minors would be taken to jail.

After receiving messages asking the social media person to self advise the way he was using the platform as the official convention in an unprofessional manner, he deleted the account from Twitter. Less than 12 hours later he deleted his personal account as well.

Soon he would leap to Facebook to recount the terrible tales of what he was experiencing as a victim in his experience. He even went so far as to call the supporters and convention attendees an “alt right fandom crowd” and “rape supporters”.

Inweekly will follow up with law enforcement today.