CNN confirms suspects cased home

As I reported on Sunday, the suspects in the Billings murders did visit the couple’s home before the home invasion. CNN is now reporting it, too: “Suspects in the slaying of a Florida couple known for adopting special-needs children cased the victims’ home about a month before storming the residence, authorities said.” Read more.

On Sunday, I reported: “According to my sources, there was an earlier attempt to invade the Billings home that was done after dark–which may have only been a “dry run.” However Gonzalez and his accomplices were frightened off by the outdoor lighting that was attached to motion sensors. The outdoor lights turned on when the vehicle went on the property and the would-be home invaders drove off. Allegedly Pamela Wiggins was parked on the street down from the Billings residence to watch this attempt.” Read more.

I believe that my sources are reliable and the rest of the information in that post will also be verified over the next few days.

BTW: The news website The Daily Beast picked up my story.