Commissioner May issues a statement on passing of Pastor Johnson

“I would like to express my heartfelt condolences about the passing of Reverend Dr. Michael J. Johnson, pastor of the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church since 1988,” District 3 Commissioner Lumon May said.

“In addition to being a leader in our community who loved his family and his church family, his daughter, Mischel, is interning with the county. She was instrumental in the county’s Mask Up, Escambia public health campaign, and her talent helped get very important messaging to our community during COVID-19.

“Reverend Johnson made a tremendous impact on our community, and he will be greatly missed. God Bless his family and church community during this difficult time.”


1 thought on “Commissioner May issues a statement on passing of Pastor Johnson

  1. Blessings to your and the community you represent Commissioner May.

    I know many are crying now over the loss of this Beautiful man and many more while thinking how their lives were touched by his 32 years as Reverend and all of his and their lives.

    Thank you to Reverend Dr. Michael J. Johnson, his family and community.

    No matter where we are in the 5 stages of grief, please keep Reverend Dr. Michael J. Johnson teachings in your eye, heart, and actions.

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