County fire chief rescinds resignation

Escambia County Fire Chief Rusty Nail sent this following letter rescinding his resignation:

TO: Amy Lovoy, Interim County Administrator

VIA: Matt Coughlin, Interim Public Safety Director

FROM: Rusty Nail, Fire & EMS Chief

RE: RESCINDING Letter of resignation- Fire & EMS Chief position with BOCC

DATE: April 30, 2019

County Administrator Lovoy,

Good afternoon.  Many changes have occurred since my resignation in early April, and in good conscience I cannot leave my position or departments without a succession plan. Uncertainties regarding future direction make it even more critical to stay involved.

Other factors include the obvious show of support from the Escambia County BOCC towards not only County-wide improvements, but also initiatives aimed at improving the County’s emergency services. These are all great undertakings that will benefit the citizens for decades to come.

Hearing the new County Administrator’s vision for the future; I hereby rescind my resignation as Fire & EMS Chief.

Respectfully submitted, R.C. Nail