United Way of Escambia includes Santa Rosa

On Thursday, April 25, United Way of Escambia County’s Board of Directors approved a motion to incorporate Santa Rosa County into the organization’s service area. This came at the request of United Way Worldwide, who approached United Way of Escambia County about assuming the territory. 

“We stand ready to serve our neighboring county, and to ensure its residents have access to the services and resources they need,” said Laura Gilliam, President and CEO of United Way of Escambia County.

“There is a natural relationship between Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties given their geographic proximity,” Gilliam added, “16 of the 30 agencies currently receiving grant funding from United Way of Escambia County provide services to both counties.”

United Way of Escambia County will soon begin the process of reaching out to key stakeholders, community groups, agency representatives, and other leaders in the Santa Rosa community to determine the most pressing needs and urgent priorities in the county.  

United Way of Escambia County currently serves more than 313,000 people. Expanding services to include Santa Rosa County will increase that number to more than 480,000 individuals between the two counties. In 2018, the organization generated financial resources in excess of $2.5 million and coordinated more than 45,000 hours of volunteer service.