COVID cases and positivity rates continue to climb

For the third consecutive week, COVID-19 new cases reported trended higher in Escambia County, though the rate of increase has slowed. The biggest jump in  Florida resident cases reported was from Nov. 1-7 to Nov. 8-14 –163 new cases,. The jump between the second and third weeks of November was 25.

October averaged 236 new cases for Florida residents in the county  per week; September 239 and August 744.

For November, Escambia County has averaged 732 new cases reported each week. The positivity rate for November is 8.2%.  The county’s positivity rate for October was 3.7%; September 3.9% and August 10.7%.


Nov 1-7 Nov 8-14 Nov 15-21 Total
Total 604 784 808 2196
Florida 513 676 701 1890
Non-FL 91 108 107 306
Hospitalizations 22 39 38 99
Deaths 7 9 8 24
LTC 36 57 33 126

4 thoughts on “COVID cases and positivity rates continue to climb

  1. From the Florida DOH Flu Review site: 11/1/2020-11/7/2020
    “During the last four weeks, the percent of influenza-positive laboratory results
    remained low. It is still too early to say what strain will predominate during the
    2020-21 influenza season.”

    Florida flu season peak activity is October thru May, so just getting started, Steve.

  2. We can thank President Trump and his groupies who attended his rally at the Air Port for spreading this virus, plus their MAGA rally downtown where non groupies were attacked for wearing a Mask by a republican vise chairman of trumps party…

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