Dosev has bad luck with twitter followers (update)

Three candidates have filed to run for First Congressional District seat against Rep. Matt Gaetz: Republicans Cris Dosev and John Mills and Democrat Phil Ehr.

We were looking to do a story on the Twitter accounts of each candidate. Gaetz had 13.6K on his personal account,@mattgaetz, and 8.6K on his official, @RepMattGaetz; Mills no account; Ehr 3.8K, @PhilEhr; and Dosev, @crisdosev, had over 18K followers on Dec. 3.

Since then Dosev has been losing about seven thousands followers a day, many of which are faceless with had handles. He is down to 11.7K this morning.

Looking at his dubious list, he will continue to hemorrhage followers, especially ones like Dave Lockley (@lockersknockers), Serbian Cyber Army (@SerbiaCyberArmy), Francisco Soto (@Fsoto187) and iso (@bumfluff4u).

Update – 12/14/17:  Cris Dosev informed me that hasn’t purchased any followers or have made any effort to promote his twitter page. Meanwhile my Twitter account has added 8.4K followers in one day. Stay tuned


3 thoughts on “Dosev has bad luck with twitter followers (update)

  1. Rick have you ever made any effort to communicate with me on this issue?  Who put you up to this? I haven’t purchased any followers or have made any effort to promote my twitter page.  I may have sent out a dozen tweets or retweets in the past 90 days or so with the most recent tweet on Dec 2nd regarding Brian Ross’ suspension for peddling “Fake News”.  Looks like you are doing the same thing here and our Congressman took it upon himself to further this inaccurate  thread by attacking me and calling me a liar.  I plan on calling into your show today.  I am extending to you the courtesy of informing you of my intentions.  A courtesy that you did not extend to me.

    “Do not libel anyone. Libel is writing something false about someone that damages that person.”
    Does your stated policy only apply to others?

  2. Uh, hello?!

    Frank white has 32,000 followers, look at his account. They are bought. No FL state rep gets over 30,000 followers in two weeks…..

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