DPZ Market Study mystery solved

The emails released by DPZ last week showed that News Journal and Bill Pearson, Navy Federal’s public affairs manager, had the OLF-8 market study weeks before it was presented to the Board of County Commissioners. Marina Khoury of DPZ told Inweekly that her team didn’t give the study to the daily newspaper or Pearson.

Inweekly asked the county to investigate.  The county’s records show that PNJ’s Kevin Robinson and the Beulah Coalition’s Theresa Blackwell requested the study on Aug. 13. Since Blackwell and Pearson are the leaders of the Beulah Coalition, she probably shared the study with Pearson.

John Singley of 850 Studio made a request on Aug. 16.

Robinson wrote an article on the study that was published on Aug. 24.  Inweekly made its request that day. FloridaWest CEO Scott Luth made his request on Aug 26.