Escambia CARES Act posted, sort of

Escambia County Administrator Janice Gilley has finally posted her CARES Act plan on the county website–actually its PowerPoint presentation with several blanks and few specifics, but it’s a step towards transparency.

The plan divides up the funds into 10 areas, only providing 25% for families and 25% for small businesses – $3.58 million each.

Family Assistance 3,580,331 25%
Businsess Assistance 3,580,331 25%
Rapid Testing 1,250,000 9%
Food. Childcare, Homeless 1,500,000 10%
Pubic Health & Safety 1,500,000 10%
Government 1,432,132 10%
FEMA Reimbursement 378,530 3%
Oversight, Consultants 250,000 2%
Reserve 850,000 6%


The Inweekly COVID-19 Ballsy Plan focused on families, businesses and public safety. We felt money needed to go out into the community as quickly as possible. Little did we know that six weeks later the funds would still be sitting in the county’s checking accounts.

Public safety included rapid testing under our plan. The other reimbursements and expenses could be handled with the remaining $42 million the county would receive in September.

Family Assistance        4,770,000 33%
Businsess Assistance        4,770,000 33%
Pubic Health & Safety        4,781,324 33%


Gilley has left blank how much families and small businesses will receive. She has what could be a complicated formula for business grants that includes non-profits, home-based businesses and divides other businesses based on number of employees – the maximum being 50 employees.

Inweekly recommended up to $3,400 for households and up to $10,000 for small businesses with 0-10 employees.

How other counties have allocated funds

Orange County’s allocation

Small Business Financial Assistance:  30%
Social Services and Resident Needs:  30%
Orange County Public Safety and Health Expenditures: 20%
Municipality and Constitutional Officer Expenditures: 10%
Replenishment Account: 10%

Alachua County

Medical, Public Health, and Payroll Expenses 10.7%

Compliance with Public Health Measures 7%

Economic Support  77%

—Small Business Relief Grants 16%

—Medium Business Relief Grants 16%

—Individual Assistance 45%

Category 6 – Other Assistance 5.3%