Females inmates continue to speak out

As a form of punishment, they are refusing to test us.

Today I received another letter from female inmates in the Escambia County Corrections system, It was signed by 54 women:

As of August 5th, 2020, Work Release Building Dorm Three is under quarantine. A woman from our dorm, who was an inmate worker in the kitchen and prepared food for the entire jail, tested positive for COVID-19. Escambia County Jail had inmates who were not medically cleared, contaminating food that is distributed and consumed throughout the entire jail. She is now being held in the infirmary after experiencing serious symptoms of COVID-19. These symptoms include shortness of breath, cough, and lethargy. She was only tested because Escambia County Jail did not want to be responsible and held liable for her death.

We, as women of Dorm Three, have been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 for over a month, and we’re being told that they are treating us as if we are positive by quarantining us. That is the only thing that Escambia County Jail is doing for us inmates.

We are begging to be tested. Those of us who speak out and voice our concern about being tested, being removed from my dorm and losing valuable gang time in order to get home to our families. As a form of punishment, they are refusing to test us.

Some of us have health conditions that require extra monitoring while sick with COVID-19. We’re being stripped of our rights. Escambia County Jail is playing Russian Roulette with our lives. This is wrong, unjust, and inhumane. Please help us protect our wellbeing.

With an abundance of hope,

The Women of Escambia County Jail Work Release Building Three.


Note: As of yesterday, six inmates at the Escambia County Jail have been tested since last Friday.


1 thought on “Females inmates continue to speak out

  1. No matter how many disinformation bricks Janice Gilley and her Nepotism Brigade feverishly shovel into that bag, it will never be more than two bricks short of a load, and the cats will continue to struggle out of it.

    Two words come to mind with the situations broiling over in our prison system right now:

    Outside Counsel.

    In addition, when Doug Underhill sets his social media acolytes on the tried and true formula of “IF WE DON’T YELL FOR [X], THEN WE’RE GOING TO GET [Y],” watch out Escambia County.

    Because the way that works is the following: while convincing his koolaid drinkers that he really, really, really wants X, Doug has of course been working actively for Y in the background for a long time. Then he exhausts his social media machine by whipping them into multiple rounds of frenzies. If he and his fellow puppets do then manage to get the very opposite of their efforts dragged over the finish line via back door efforts, doug will then come online thundering against that very outcome, and everybody gets treated to another round of “Our innept, crooked, foolish BOCC did X!!!” Often with a PNJ article echoing that for good measure–when his downtown puppeteers want to pat him on the head for a job well done.

    I’ve been screaming from the mountaintops that Janice Gilley has been purposely allowing a toxic workplace environment to fester in our EMS–even actively abetting the process–while piecemealing service after service off to private competition so she can hobble the department badly enough she can make the argument that she HAS to sole source privatize it.

    –First the contract on first response air vacs got shipped out of Escambia over toe Santa Rosa. No discussion.
    –Our best medics continued to flee to other services, and primarily Santa Rosa Life Guard. No discussion.
    –The disarray of the entire department was spotlighted during Dr. Edler’s suit against me. No discussion.
    –The six complaints Janice and Alison stood on their heads to hide from the commission surface, along with the loophole in the Merit System Protection Board. Thank God that one got some discussion and a vote.
    –Now the ALS BLS has been handed over to SR LG. No discussion.
    –Then there was the ridiculous email that Janice forced an administrative assistant to send out, dumping the surprise news on ECSO that Escambia EMS wasn’t going to support drunk driving calls,. That one got fixed behind the scenes.

    When I say all that amounts to her intentionally managing our EMS into the ground–well, easy to invoke the She Crazy campaign.

    When E-SCAM-bia Citizens Watch seconds my absurd notion after nearly a year of not getting it? You can take it to the bank that’s what’s going on.

    How much farther are we going to let the situation in our prison system goes before the BOCC takes our prison system and our Public Safety out of Gilley’s hands?

    November isn’t soon enough, let alone the end of covid.

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