Escambia County Jail has 38 more COVID cases

Three C’s exposed—County COVID Coverup

Press Release: Through contact tracing more inmates have tested positive at the Escambia County Jail. Out of the 44 inmates tested, 38 have tested positive, four have tested negative and two are awaiting results. All of the inmates who have tested positive are not presenting medical concerns. Two of the units in the jail have been turned into isolation zones to house the inmates who have tested positive to try to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

“We are doing everything in our power to keep inmates and employees as safe as possible during this global pandemic,” Escambia County Corrections Chief Rich Powell said. “Our medical staff assured me that none of these inmates are presenting medical concerns at this time. Our priority remains the safety and health of our inmates and employees as we follow our infectious disease processes and CDC guidelines. We are continuing to work with the Florida Department of Health for guidance, and masks are available for all inmates, which we are strongly encouraging them to wear.”

As of this moment in time, 12 corrections staff are positive and are at home until they test negative. The corrections department has 575 employees.

Please call the Escambia County Jail at 850-436-9650 if you have questions about inmates.

This announcement comes three days after county bragged it only had two inmates test positive.


1 thought on “Escambia County Jail has 38 more COVID cases

  1. Even if Janice Gilley and her administration and communications department (apart from Public Safety) were interested in conducting the proper contact tracing–which they clearly aren’t–it’s far too late for contact tracing at the jail now. They need to immediately test all of the inmates, staff, and everybody who comes and goes from the complex.

    The same goes for the road prison, the work release program and facility, and the juvenile detention center. The fun and games are over now. We need solutions, capability, and accountability now.

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