Escambia County Jail only tests 13 prisoners in past seven days

The Escambia County has clamped down on testing prisoners for COVID-19 at its county jail. From July 1-27, the county tested 197 inmates – around 50 a week – 71.6% tested positive.

With such a high infection rate,  most would think the county would want to test as many as prisoners possible to identify the spread in its cells – which is what Commissioners Steven Barry and Lumon May requested on July 2 at a regular commission meeting.

More tests also would possibly lower the positivity rate, if others are as safe as the administration has told the commissioners.

That hasn’t happened. Testing has slowed, only 13 done since July 27.

Of those tests, eight came back positive – 61.5% positivity.  The overall positivity rate dropped only 0.65% to 71%.

The infection rate appears to be higher than the state prisons.  Last week, the Florida Department of Corrections announced its Columbia Corrections Institution had 1,216 of its approximately 2,200 inmates test positive – 55.3% positivity rate.

The families of prisoners in the county jail and the public deserve to know the extent of  the spread of the COVID-19 in the county’s corrections system. Testing is how the county administration objectively measures the spread.



6 thoughts on “Escambia County Jail only tests 13 prisoners in past seven days


  2. This is an indictment of the medical director. She has direct responsibility for the health of these incarcerated people as they are wards of the County while in jail.

  3. The Santa Rosa County Jail has 3,000 inmates and has tested over half their inmates and staff. They have 750+ inmates currently positive for COVID. It sounds like the Escambia County prison is going the Trump route and just not testing so they don’t know how many actual positives they have.

  4. They keep moving inmates around the jail. They tell them there “ presumptively positive” And they dont test them because they in a positive cell block.

  5. My wife is in escambia county jail and she has been there since july 14th and she went to trustee and she quit and they put her in the block with quarantine people and she has a chronic illness isnt that illegal im wondering if i should call a lawyer and fill suit against escambia county jail i have the jailers name who put her there and she has witnesses

  6. What does Escambia Medical Director, Dr. Rayme Edler have to say about this? On another note the hearing on Aug 5 2pm on the case Edler vs Pino is on the radar. Are you going to dial into the hearing Rick? If you do please report. Bergosh via PNJ touches on the jail being under BOCC and is hosting Morgan his coffee with commissioner video. Wednesday. The public is urged to submit questions.

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