Escambia has another COVID death, state tops 30K cases

Florida’s COVID-19 cases surpassed 30K and death toll is over a thousand as of 11 a.m. EDT today. Escambia County had another COVID-19 death – new total 11, and eight more hospitalizations – new total 45.

DOH Escambia entered  201 new tests results for Escambia County since the 6 p.m. Thursday report, of which 7 were positive – 3.5%.  DOH entered 75 new cases for Santa Rosa – of which 2 were positive- 2.7%.  Inweekly estimates about 800 collections are outstanding.


4/23/20 4/24/20
11 a.m. 11 a.m. Increase
Total Cases 28832 30174 1342 4.65%
Florida Residents 28043 29356 1313 4.68%
Non-Fla. 789 818 29 3.68%
Deaths 960 1012 52 5.42%
Escambia 419 427 8 1.91%
Okaloosa 137 145 8 5.84%
Santa Rosa 141 143 2 1.42%
Broward 4315 4570 255 5.91%




5 thoughts on “Escambia has another COVID death, state tops 30K cases

  1. True, but since we locked down to not stress the hospitals it would seem that the current number of virus patients admitted to our three hospitals, (instead of cumulative), would be useful in determining how quickly to open the community back up.

  2. I would think hospitals couod provide it to FDOH. Or you could ask the hospitals directly.

  3. Looks everyone is backing out of data reporting and putting everything in the hands of DOH.

  4. Why are the hospitals not providing the actual number of current hospitalizations? The purpose of the shutdown was to flatten the curve and prevent overwhelming hospitals, which it did. We never came close to not having enough hospital beds at the national, state or local level. Why would the hospitals not want to inform the public as to actual number of virus patients currently admitted to their hospitals?

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