Escambia’s racial gap in vaccinations

According to the latest report from the Florida Department of Health, Escambia County has 22,326 Florida residents – 20,687 first doses, 1,639 completed the series by getting both required doses.

Unfortunately, only 9.4% are Black, even though the Black community makes up 20% of the COVID cases and 29% of the deaths. Only 91 Black residents have completed the series – 5.6%.

Our vaccinations dropped last week from the prior week- 6,907 t0 6,317. We averaged 902 shots per day.

17-Jan 1096
18-Jan 638
19-Jan 571
20-Jan 1377
21-Jan 1897
22-Jan 712
23-Jan 26
Total 6317
Avg. 902

We have 14,752 of 65 or older age group that have received one shot – 33% of that age group, while 463 have completed the series – 1%.

If we can keep the pace of 900 shots per day and all of them for those 65 or older,  half of that age group would have received at least one shot by the end of this week.