NYT Covid Case Tracker: Escambia cases ‘extremely high’

NYT: “Cases are extremely high and have stayed about the same over the past two weeks. The numbers of hospitalized Covid patients and deaths in the Escambia County area have risen. The test positivity rate in Escambia County is very high, suggesting that cases are significantly undercounted.”

As we have repeatedly reported, the month has been the worst month for cases in Escambia County.

Yesterday, FDOH reported another 12 deaths for the county – 128 since Christmas.


1 thought on “NYT Covid Case Tracker: Escambia cases ‘extremely high’

  1. If the county wouldn’t of been so grossly negligent and politicized the pandemic, we wouldn’t be at this point. If they would of agreed to implement a mask mandate to coincide with the city’s plan, some of this could of been prevented. Instead, the most vocal commissioner, Douglas Underhill, went to extremes to discredit precautionary measures to slow the spread. Which was all due to party! Such as soliciting a national anti mask Facebook group, begging non residents to email his fellow commissioners to pressure them into voting no. His words “the loudest side wins”, that he also posted on Facebook while organizing grossly brainwashed individuals to attend an anti mask protest, was deplorable.

    I truly believe the county’s mishandling of the pandemic, on many levels, contributed to much unnecessary suffering.

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