FDOH: Covid cases drop, so have vaccinations

There were 2,516 new COVID-19 cases reported Escambia County over the last week, according to the Florida Department of Health. This is down from the previous week’s 3,067.

Baptist, Ascension Sacred Heart and West Florida hospitals reported a combined 315 COVID-19 hospitalizations as of Friday, Sept. 3 – also a decline from Friday, Aug. 27 total of 367 hospitalization.

We had 2,252 vaccinated last week – down from 2,719 the previous week.

Escambia County cases:

Total cases: 48,427  (+2,516)
Positivity rate last week: 23.3%  – last week 25.1%
Current total hospitalizations: 315
Over age 18 and over hospitalizations: 308
Under age 18 hospitalized: 7 – last week 11

Escambia County Vaccinations

People vaccinated: 143,011
Total Population of Escambia County Partially Vaccinated: 50.8% – last week 49.4%
Total Population of Escambia County Fully Vaccinated: 41.5% – last week 40.1%


1 thought on “FDOH: Covid cases drop, so have vaccinations

  1. Here’s question to ask next time. How do they calculate the number of people fully vaccinated in Escambia County and that is currently described above as 143,011? That seems a too very precise number for comfort. I know people who live in Escambia County who went to Santa Rosa County to get their vaccination shots. I know people who live in Santa Rosa County who came to Escambia County. For which county do their vaccination shots count? Is there some secret state master data base that matches the names of the fully vaccinated to specific addresses? [That seems unlikely. In Escambia County, we have people voting in election precincts where they do not live and claiming homestead exemptions in homes where they are not a full-time resident.] People have left Escambia County for various reasons to include moving to Santa Rosa County or having died. New people have moved here to include from out-of-state and also to come to one of the local colleges. It seems unlikely that anyone subtracts their “number” from the Escambia County list. Point is, let’s not get a false sense of security just because on some distant day Escambia County full vaccinations reach 50%, 60%, 70%, etc. Plus, once the government stops paying for the vaccinations, that’s a whole new problem. Escambia County seems a very unhealthy place. I have had people brag to me that they don’t go to the dentist or haven’t seen a doctor in 20 or 30 years.

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