Monoclonal antibody treatment site coming to Bayview Park

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis was joined by Floridians who have received monoclonal antibody treatments, and announced that Florida will open a new monoclonal antibody treatment site in Escambia County at Bayview Community Center.

The Escambia County site will be located at:

Bayview Community Center
2001 East Lloyd Street
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Hours: 7 days a week, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Starting Sunday, Sept. 5, monoclonal antibody therapy treatments will be available at the Bayview Community Center in Escambia County.

Individuals 12 years and older who are high-risk, that have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19, are eligible for this treatment. Treatment is free and vaccination status does not matter.

Location: 2001 E. Lloyd St.
Time: 7 days a week, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Testing and Test Result Assistance (850) 583-2419

Vaccination Registration Assistance Main: (844) 770-8548

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Support Line: (850) 344-9637

How to make an appointment – here.


1 thought on “Monoclonal antibody treatment site coming to Bayview Park

  1. Thanks to Bender for bringing that up in the agenda review and Gilmore putting in the request, so that by the evening meeting it was already approved. There is a sense of cooperation apparent between the four board members, employees, and M. Mott from FDOH.and Rep Michelle Saltzman.

    I notice DeSantis is taking credit but if these hadn’t requested it, it may not have happened. They are also asking for the data. L May asked for more common sense measures put in to stop the spread. I don’t think the other 3 took him up on that though.

    May is the only one that wears a mask on the dais. I guess the others don’t know they can spread it and people look to them for guidance and to set an example.

    We will all get to herd immunity one way or another I guess.

    So far, they are still alive, which is good.

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