Fill up on books at the $5 Blowout Bag Sale on Feb. 4

Friends of West Florida Public Library want to remind the public that its time of the winter book sale at West Florida Public Library’s downtown branch.

“It’s that time again,” said the Friends in their email. “You deserve some great reading material to get through the rest of the winter. Come in out of the cold and fill up on books at the Friends of West Florida Public Library’s $5 Blowout Book Sale.”

The rules are simple: just pay $5 for a brown paper grocery bag, and whatever books you can fit inside are yours to take home. Buy as many bags as you want — bring a wheelbarrow or a truck and shop the day away!

As always, your contributions will be used to support the West Florida Public Library’s efforts to build community and improve literacy.

The sale will take place Saturday, February 4, from 9 am – 5pm at the WFPL Main Branch, 239 N Spring Street.