Florida Senate approves Triumph Gulf Coast bill

Kim Wilmes, President & CEO of Florida’s Great Northwest, issued the following statement after the Florida Senate’s unanimous approval of legislation authorizing Triumph Gulf Coast to receive and award $300 million to help Northwest Florida’s economic recovery from the impact of the 2010 BP oil spill:

“After years of economic harm and months of legislative discussions, the Florida Senate has delivered good news to the communities of Northwest Florida. After collaborating positively with the House, the Senate has approved a Triumph Gulf Coast process that will transform the economy of the counties that were so devastated by the BP oil spill, pointing the way to a much brighter economic future for the region.

“Everyone interested in the economic future of the region is grateful to the Senate leadership, particularly President Negron and Majority Leader Simpson, for guiding the bill to passage in the final days of the legislative session. And we are especially appreciative of the months of hard work, deliberation, and compromise by Northwest Florida’s legislators, including Senators Broxson, Gainer, and Montford, who have been unwavering in their commitment to ensuring that these funds are directed to the disproportionately affected counties of Northwest Florida.”

We hope to have State Sen. Doug Broxson on “Pensacola Speaks” this afternoon at 5:33 p.m. Listen on 1370 WCOA.