Fortune lists Escambia as hidden COVID hot spot

Fortune magazine published on article on a study that lists 22 counties that have infection rates poised to skyrocket, despite their currently not having large numbers of confirmed cases. Escambia County is on the list.

The study by technology firm Dataminr uses artificial intelligence to scrutinize social media posts on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit and looks at 10,000 public data sources in more than 100 languages.

According to Fortune, Dataminr’s software was able to accurately forecast in March infection hotspots in 14 states between seven and 15 days prior to the actual case totals in those locations beginning to grow exponentially.

Read “There may be 22 hidden coronavirus hotspots in states poised to lift restrictions.”


2 thoughts on “Fortune lists Escambia as hidden COVID hot spot

  1. Well Lynn, guess you better run out and stock up on some more toilet paper…

  2. There may be 22 hidden coronavirus hotspots, Escambia is one. I toured the area today, huge number of people NO SOCIAL DISTANCEING; FISH RETAILER WAS CROWED, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER, NO FACE MASK, NO GLOVES..Scenic highway beaches packed, no one six feet apart. Has the locals gone local. I can see why this could be a major HOTSPOT FOR THE VIRUS. I will not be joining the crowed, nor will I be dining or drinking at any of the new hotspots, wake up folks, it is going to come back, big time…

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