Gaetz: BRAC is coming [podcast]

Congressman Matt Gaetz said yesterday that Northwest Florida should prepare for a new BRAC (Base Closure and Realignment Commission). The last BRAC was in 2005.

On “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday afternoon, he said, “Just weeks ago in front of the Armed Services Committee, the Vice Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all testified that the military wants a BRAC. You know, we can either kind of wring our hands about that and get nervous or we can get prepared.”

The freshman congressman said he met earlier in the day with Pensacola business leaders to elicit advice and input about what are some of the defense priorities that “not only ensure that we’ve got a well equipped fighting force, but that also have spill over economic benefits for the Pensacola community.”

Gaetz believes that cybersecurity is area that we should seek.

“My hope is that if there is a BRAC, that’s not something that we’re scared of but we use it as an opportunity to find all of the naval cyber mission that is occurring around the country and attract as much of that mission as possible to Corry Station where we’ve got some great cyber warriors right now innovating and plowing ahead in really what is the new frontier of warfare.”

He added, “They used to ask Jesse James, ‘Why do you rob banks?’ He would say, ‘Well, that’s where the money is.’ I want cyber missions to be housed in Northwest Florida because if we look at the nature of warfare going forward, that’s where the money’s going to be and I want it right here in our community.”