Gaetz: Tax reform top priority [podcast]

On “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday, Congressman Matt Gaetz said the priority for Congress is tax reform.

“This week, the key thrust of our effort will be on tax reform,” said Gaetz.

He is looking to bring down the corporate tax rate so the offshore American dollars will flow back into our economy.

“Their estimations that it’s well over a trillion dollars that could head back into the American economy if we allowed it to come back in not at a 35-percent tax rate but something in the 8- to 10-percent range and that will lead to job creation and the growth of the great businesses in this country,” he said.

The other goal is to simplify the tax code.

“I think what we need to do with tax reform is have a bold clear agenda where we make the filing of our taxes simple and easy,” said Rep. Gaetz. “Most Americans don’t need a 2000 page tax code and a lot of that is driven toward special interests.”


1 thought on “Gaetz: Tax reform top priority [podcast]

  1. The Fair Tax bill has been in Congress (both houses) for several years. It is a transparent tax, pays down the debt, lowers taxes, does not tax income, gets rid of all other Federal Taxes, and conservatively boosts the economy the first year by over 2.5 billion dollars. So, what’s not to like – the only thing I can say about the current proposal is, “If you like the IRS, you can keep the IRS”. Otherwise, it’s the best plan I’ve looked at.

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