Global Learning has lost 239 students since it opened


When the elementary school opened in the fall 2011, Global Learning Academy was hailed as an innovative education facility. Superintendent Malcolm Thomas closed three inner-city elementary schools to provide students for GLA–Hallmark, Allie Ynestra and Spencer-Bibbs. Billboards were run to attract students to the new school.

According to Florida Department of Education data, GLA opened with 814 students in the fall of 2011. Eight years later, the school only has 575 students — a 29.4% drop.

The elementary last year was listed on the state’s list of persistently low-performing schools. A “persistently low-performing school” is defined as a school that has earned three grades lower than a ‘C’ in at least three of the previous 5 years and has not earned a grade of “B” or higher in the most recent two school years.

Even though the school improved its grade from a D to a C last spring, enrollment decreased by 27 students.


Global Learning  Students Difference Grade

Prior School Yr


Fall 2011 814
Fall 2012 792 -22   D
Fall 2013 775 -17   D
Fall 2014 781 6   C
Fall 2015 763 -18   C
Fall 2016 758 -5   D
Fall 2017 663 -95   D
Fall 2018 602 -61   D
Fall 2019 575 -27   C
Net total -239 -29.4%