Move to Amend Silent Vigil, tomorrow noon

Move to Amend press release: Our democracy and many of our people are threatened by hidden funding of overly-conservative causes, candidates and groups! The Supreme Court in 2010 gave our Republic’s large corporations and action groups the ability to hide contributions to electoral candidates. With this action, there is no accountability possible. Those with enough money can now dictate political process in this country, rather than supporting the will of the people, as our founders intended. The founding principle of this country was one person, one vote! This principle is undermined by the millions of dollars being funneled into ‘dark money’ sources which are able to manipulate election outcomes and policy decisions outside the light of public knowledge or scrutiny. The whole process of negotiation and compromise that are fundamental to the democratic process is eliminated. We stand here today to bring attention to this issue and redirection to these practices.

Please, join with your fellow concerned citizens for a silent hour of protest on the ten-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. We will stand together at the Martin Luther King, Jr Plaza on North Palafox Street between Garden and Chase Streets in downtown Pensacola from noon- until 1 p.m.Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Together we can make a difference.