Hear from experts on FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine, face masks

Tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. on NewsTalk 1370 WCOA, my guest will be Sally Pipes, President, CEO, Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Healthcare Policy at The Pacific Research Institute. We discuss the impact of the FDA giving the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine its full approval.

Pipes is highly sought after by those on both sides of the political spectrum for her views and expertise on health care policy. She steers the national conversation in health care policy through her weekly Newsmax column, biweekly columns for Forbes.com and the Washington Examiner “Beltway Confidential” blog, and op-eds published in newspapers around the country.

We have people locally questioning the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. Pipes will bring facts to the discussion.

At 8 a.m., I will talk with Dr. Peter Jennings, the Chief Medical Officer at Ascension Sacred Heart. He will give us the latest info on hospitalizations. I will also ask about face masks.


2 thoughts on “Hear from experts on FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine, face masks

  1. I wonder if our delegation in Tallahassee, Andrade Saltzman Broxson know they are supposed to be protecting the public health, Does our own Board of County Commissioners know the laws and duties. Shouldn’t the Chairman call a meeting and a press conference?
    They certainly do not need to be following the Governor’s lead here in Florida nor the one in Texas. Please put our elected leaders on the spot, in the limelight, for us and let us hear them on record. What are they doing about COVID? You have to remember, they may need support to learn what it is they are supposed to be doing. This is from the Texas Code, Florida is probably similar.

    The Texas Governor wanted to suspend the Health and Safety Code:

    The most important part is this: “I hereby suspend Section 81.085(i) of the Texas Health and Safety Code, and any other relevant statutes, to the extent necessary to enforce this prohibition.”
    That code, you ask?
    “(i) On request of the department during a public health disaster, an individual shall disclose the individual’s immunization information. If the individual does not have updated or appropriate immunizations, the department may take appropriate action during a quarantine to protect that individual and the public from the communicable disease.”

    Vaccine Mandates ARE APPROPRIATE as well as the masks. The science IS clear and our leaders need to act appropriately to protect public safety.

    It is a duty, codified in law. Settled in the supreme court. This is NOT our first rodeo.

    This is not a Republican/ Democrat Party ordeal, It’s an American’s right to have our elected leaders enact policies to protect public health.

    Plain as that. We are a nation of laws. Ignorance is no excuse.

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