Inweekly 3/11/21: Quarantine Confessions

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Cover story:  Quarantine Confessions  On the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic, we’ve opted to reflect on our time in quarantine. To do so, we asked ourselves, plus our friends and followers, a series of questions about what they did and didn’t do this past year. The result is funny, poignant and often touching.



Debating Maritime Park’s Future looks at the debate over the latest development proposed for the Community Maritime Park, which includes between 375 and 450 residential units, a parking garage and 10,000 square feet of commercial space on the two areas currently used for surface parking and green space between the Blue Wahoos Stadium and Main Street.




Slippery Slope? The Florida Legislature is considering legislation (SB 498 and HB 259) that on any private elementary, middle, high school or college campus if any religious institution is also located on the property, guns would presumptively be allowed to be carried anywhere on that campus by concealed weapon license holders.



Mothers with a Mission One local organization of mothers is making waves to support the next generation of African American children. We sat down with Carla Davis, chapter president of Pensacola’s Jack and Jill of America Inc., and learned how this group of mothers is making a lasting impact.




Outtakes: Ask Questions Council members Jennifer Brahier, Teniadé Broughton, Ann Hill and Sherri Myers have been attacked for their refusal to rubber-stamp the Silver Hills proposal for the Community Maritime Park. Inweekly supports the project, but we also believe the condemnation of these women for doing their due diligence is unwarranted, if not sexist.