Long-Wiggins loses Conditional Medical Release request

State Attorney Bill Eddins announced today that the Florida Commission on Offender Review denied Pamela Long-Wiggins’ request for a Conditional Medical Release. A request was made to the Commission for Long-Wiggins early release based upon a determination that she is now terminally ill with a prognosis of 6-12 months to live. Long-Wiggins is currently serving a 28 year sentence for Accessory After the Fact for her involvement in the robbery and murder of Byrd and Melanie Billings in 2009.

Following the robbery and murder, Long-Wiggins met with the other individuals involved and received weapons and other items used in the commission of the crime. Long-Wiggins attempted to hide the weapons used in the murder by disposing of them out of state. Additionally, the safe that was stolen from the Billings’ home was hidden in the backyard of her home located in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

As a result of the Commission’s ruling, Long-Wiggins will be required to serve the remainder of her sentence.