Momentum for face masks in Escambia County

“And we stand united in our support of all wearing mask or cloth face coverings for the protection of our community.” – heads of Ascension Sacred Heart, Baptist, West Florida Hospital and Community Health

Last night, the Pensacola City Council unanimously approved an emergency mask ordinance that affirmed an order issued last Friday by Mayor Grover Robinson requiring face coverings inside Pensacola businesses.

The council’s ordinance established fines – $50 for the first offense, $125 for the second offense, $250 for the third offense. A forth violation carries a fine of up as much as $500 and potentially 60 days in jail.

Health Executives Endorse Masks

The heads of Ascension Sacred Heart, Baptist Health Care, Community Health Northwest Florida and West Florida Hospital signed a letter to the mayor and council calling for face coverings in public.

“We strongly believe that our community of Pensacola, as one metropolitan statistical area (MSA), would benefit greatly from consistent public masking across both Escambia and Santa Rosa counties,” wrote executives.

“We thank you for your continued leadership and collaboration,” they continued. “And we stand united in our support of all wearing mask or cloth face coverings for the protection of our community.” Read June 30, 2020 City Council Letter.

End Political Debate Over Masks

Axios reports Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, urged Trump to wear a face mask “when it’s appropriate” to help end the political debate over wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It also would help to get rid of this political debate, that if you’re for President Trump you don’t wear a mask and if you’re against President Trump you do wear a mask. The stakes are much too high for that.” – Sen. Alexander

He explained, “His experts have told all of us that wearing a mask, social distance and washing your hands is the way we can contain the disease so we can go back to school and back to work.”

What will County Adminstrator Janice Gilley recommend to the Escambia Board of County Commissioners?

1. COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing in the throughout the county, not only inside the city limits.

2. Our polling reveals 72.4% of county voters support mandatory face masks when social distancing isn’t possible.

3. The leaders of our hospitals and community health support face masks. See above.

4. UWF, ECUA and our military installations require face masks.

5. We’re hearing – and are trying to confirm – COVID cases are popping up in county government – ECAT, beach lifeguards, fire stations, county jail, Parks & Rec and Clerk of Court office.

5. The county simply passing out a few face masks isn’t a solution.


4 thoughts on “Momentum for face masks in Escambia County

  1. If we would have dealt with this pandemic in a non political manner, we would not have not only the case that we have but an economy that could be sustained and alive.
    It is amazing to me, that anyone can confuse civil rights and a disease.
    We have now, what we never thought it could happen, which is that the rest of the world has been able to deal with this issue and is winning over virus.
    Our children need to go back to school, and now, I have the feeling that many will not return. it has become too dangerous.
    As a senior I am not able to go to a mall, sit outside in a restaurant, go to the beach. and try to live a little of a normal life. but those that do not care about me. have not allowed me to do so. I am simply trying to survive. Think about my words, and allow me to live the few years that I have left without fear.

  2. Thank you to Escambia County BOCC for choosing to protect us against those that will not accept this pandemic as real.
    It is very difficult for those of us who go out only to buy groceries to be run over by others who just do not care.
    How do we just stop buying groceries.

  3. The County is creating yet another divide by not implementing a mask mandate for the County. It’s irresponsible on the County’s part, not to mention negligent, considering the city is doing their part to keep the spread down. The County’s inaction will eventually force us into another shutdown, therefore creating another class of individuals dependent on the Government’s help. A little common sense goes a long way! I, too, will not do business in the County until they do their part to minimize spread by implementing a mask mandate.

  4. For my health and safety I will continue to do essential business within the City limits of Pensacola, but will not do business in the County until face covering is required County wide. I am thankful to be able to spend my money in Pensacola.

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