Monday with the Mayor 12.10.18

Mayor Grover Robinson this morning held his second press conference. Here some of the topics discussed:

  • Monthly meetings with Escambia County Commission chair Lumon May. First topic: homelessness and panhandling
  • Exploring using the county’s health clinic to lower health care costs
  • Seeing if Gulf Coast Citizens’ Diplomacy  Council can relocate to vacant space in city hall
  • Working with city council on policy that would make public input mandatory for city boards
  • Triumph and future of the Port of Pensacola
  • Burgess Road sidewalks

When asked about why he was making Burgess Road a priority, Mayor Robinson said, “I think one of the things that we’ve continued to talk about is it is great to see the access and walkability that happens in downtown, but Pensacola is much larger than downtown. I think when we look at what has happened in District 2, there has not really been a lot of emphasis on city assets coming back into those communities.”

Inweekly reporter Jeremy Morrison will have a more complete report on the presser later today.