Orange fencing goes up in Pensacola Tanyards

Good news. The orange construction fencing has been put up around Mayor Ashton Hayward’s Government Street Stormwater site. The fencing was installed a month after Inweekly first reported the conditions in the Tanyard neighborhoods adjacent to site and three weeks after City Engineer Derek Owens committed to do so.

Kudos to Emerald Coastkeeper Laurie Murphy, Tanyard residents Gloria Horning and Marilyn Wiggins, and Councilwoman Sherri Myers for their efforts.


4 thoughts on “Orange fencing goes up in Pensacola Tanyards

  1. Does the orange plastic fence meets the contract requirements?
    I see other construction sites surrounded by moveable chainlink panels six feet high.

  2. Andrew McKay is taking full credit for it on his Facebook page and praising Ashton for being so responsive to him. Claiming the fencing went up the same day as he brought it to the mayor’s attention during their radio interview. Funny.

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