Petition drive to replace Confederate monument with Roy Jones, Jr.

Pensacola attorney Chris Crawford has started a petition drive to replace the Confederate monument in city’s Lee Florida Square with a statue honoring world champion boxer Roy Jones, Jr.

Crawford told Inweekly that he would raise the money for the statue.

“For years, residents in Pensacola have debated the Confederate monument on Palafox Street. Some want it to stay, some want it to go,” writes Crawford on go

“I have a better idea that all Pensacolians can get united behind: replace the statue with a new monument that will celebrate a legendary Pensacolian – Roy Jones, Jr. – a man who has always represented Pensacola on a national and global stage. Let’s honor a man who has always honored us.”

See petition.


1 thought on “Petition drive to replace Confederate monument with Roy Jones, Jr.

  1. I like to see the Dudley Chipley and Andrew Jackson Statue removed from Plaza Ferdinand
    We should replace them with WWI & WWII memorials. Two wars we won yet we have only one memorial for them aside from NAS that I’m aware of. Many more Pensacolians gave their lives in those wars that preserved our freedom then died in the civil war. The Civil war was fought to preserve the rights of rich land owners to own slave labor. Other economic reasons also helped encourage non-slave owners to participate. Over all it was not a popular war in the state of Florida, let alone in Pensacola. Not until “Jim Crow” laws were enacted. The actions of Andrew Jackson on our native population certainly in my mind does not deserve celebration.

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