Podcast: Wiggins pleas for normalcy in GOP

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Ryan Wiggins, a political strategist who founded Full Impact Strategies, wrote an editorial that was published in the PNJ today – Hometown broke my heart.

The viewpoint expressed her concerns about Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the 2016 GOP presidential ticket.

On “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday, Ryan spoke about bad she believes Trump’s rhetoric is for the country and the Republican Party.

“It doesn’t have a good message, it’s bullying, it’s nasty,” she said. “Having been raised in the South, being in raised in Pensacola, being raised by the people of Pensacola, that’s just not who we are.”

She added, “It concerns me that we’re losing ourselves in a candidate that doesn’t really represent who we are as a people. Is that really the image that we want portrayed to the entire world about what America is?”

She asked that people remember why they joined the Republican Party, what are their morals and values, and to reflect on is Trump the right candidate that represents those morals and values.