Psst, Commissioner, we had another COVID-19 death

Since last night, Escambia County had another COVID-19 death –bringing the total to 9– and 22 new cases — the biggest increase since April 7.  Isn’t odd whenever Commissioner Doug Underhill downplays the virus cases and deaths, the numbers debunk his theories?  Will he send out an update to Escambia County voters?

Imagine what will happen when the test results come back from Southern Oaks in three days.

BTW: The county has yet to schedule a press briefing with medical professionals.  We’ve a week before when the commission meets.

Over the past 24 hours, the Florida had 835 new cases and 50 more deaths.


4/20/20 4/21/20
11 a.m. 11 a.m. Increase
Total Cases 26660 27495 835 3.13%
Florida Residents 25942 26761 819 3.16%
Non-Fla. 718 734 16 2.23%
Deaths 789 839 50 6.34%
Escambia 314 337 23 7.32%
Okaloosa 131 134 3 2.29%
Santa Rosa 140 141 1 0.71%
Broward 4038 4149 111 2.75%

Mayor Grover Robinson and Rep. Alex Andrade Hosting Virtual Town Hall April 22

The public is invited to attend a Virtual Town Hall hosted by Mayor Grover Robinson and  Rep. Alex Andrade on Wednesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. The Virtual Town Hall will be hosted live on Rep. Andrade’s Facebook page.

Mayor Robinson and Rep. Andrade will provide updates from the City of Pensacola and Florida House District 2, including COVID-19 information and a wrap-up of the Legislative Session, then turn it over to citizens for questions. Citizens wishing to ask questions may comment on the live Facebook video during the virtual town hall.

Mayor Robinson and Rep. Andrade will answer as many questions as possible, but please note that depending on the volume of comments and questions received, all questions may not be answered during the live stream.

What the Recovery Task Force saw

Here is the presentation made to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Task Force yesterday:”


1 thought on “Psst, Commissioner, we had another COVID-19 death

  1. Because this is what not flattening the curve yet looks like.

    I’d love to be able to trace who the first PR genius in Pensacola was who tried out the phrase “second wave” and side-eyed everybody to see how it would take.

    The answer would be “pretty well,” it seems, since lots of folks are convinced now that the current juncture concerns a balance of opening versus a second wave, when we are just now seeing the beginnings of the first one.

    There is big positive, though, in Ascension just getting out there and getting it done with local testing. THANK YOU FROM YOUR COMMUNITY!

    It’s heartening that the pretense that Florida DOH’s data is sufficient is now in the rear view mirror, although the damage of the bad data they’ve been turning over to U Washington has already done what it was intended to do:

    box the researchers in on their modelling and convince a good portion of the public that Florida’s worst day of covid19 is already behind us.

    No, sadly. Far from it.

    I stopped wondering how some of these people sleep at night a long time ago. But it has never stopped bothering me that they can. Thankfully Steven Barry held off this meeting until the 28th, at least. That will put our Escambia BOCC in a much better place to assess judiciously than the Okaloosa board was in today.

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