Real News podcast: Quint Studer

On Monday, I interviewed Quint Studer on NewsTalk 1370 WCOA’s “Real News.” We talked about the new ball park for his Beloit Snappers, ABC Supply Stadium in Beloit, Wisc.

“I think we found something in Pensacola that works and I think it’s very similar,” said Studer. “It’s right downtown and I think one thing that attracted Diane Hendrix to making this investment in the community.”

He continued, “I think the difference in Pensacola versus Beloit is in Pensacola, the stadium was sort of the beginning of a downtown revitalization. Here, the stadium is probably the final piece of the downtown transformation, but it’s on the river, so it’s not on the ocean, but it’s on the river and it’s right downtown and it’s very similar.”