Real News podcasts: Mayor says ‘bad actors’ causing food truck issues

Both DIB executive director Walker Wilson and Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson appeared on NewsTalk 1370 WCOA this morning to talk about the food truck controversy. Both are optimistic that the Pensacola City Council will resolve the issue this month.

Mayor Robinson blamed the problem on “bad actors” operating late night on weekends on South Jefferson Street.

“I had a great conversation with Blake Foster of Odd colony about this, and the first thing I said was “Blake, you’re not the problem,” said the mayor.

Robinson was insistent that no food trucks had been fined as of this morning. However, he dodged my question whether fines would be levied in the future.


1 thought on “Real News podcasts: Mayor says ‘bad actors’ causing food truck issues

  1. So, even if Section 509.102, Florida Statutes, does not apply within the City of Pensacola “and” in 1986, 1996 and/or 2006 the Pensacola City Council intended for the word “merchandise” to be applied to prepared food whether in a restaurant or in a “mobile food dispensing vehicle” then what is Mayor Robinsons authority to violate Section 12-3-65(4) by allowing food trucks to operate in the city hall parking lot? How about some brave soul in the media ask him that.

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