Real News podcasts: Tuesday, Oct. 5

Pensacola native Ryan Wiggins recaps the Women’s March on Washington this past weekend.

The Wentworth family is partnering with local clery to hold a “Service of Acknowledgement and Lament” in November. This summer, Dr. Jamin Wells published a preliminary report on the UWF’s review of T.T. Wentworth’s KKK documents. Dr. Wells talks about what’s next. For more info, read “Healing Pensacola.”

Once again, FloridaWest CEO Scott Luth sets the record straight on the Tech Park. Read “ED Ain’t Easy.”

Fifty-five years after first taking the helm of the USS Enterprise, Capt. James T. Kirk (or at least the actor who portrayed him) will head back into space. ABC’s Jim Ryan is in Dallas with the latest.

Ed Moser is a former writer for Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”; speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush; a former editor for Time-Life Books. He is the author of “The Lost History of the Capitol: The Hidden and Tumultuous Saga of Congress and the Capitol Building.”