Rick Wilson: Hillary Clinton and her 1999 jalopy

GOP strategist Rick Wilson, as expected, was not impressed with Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement.

“This is the reboot of the Hilary software version 7.0 and it’s putting more icing on an old cake,” said Wilson on Pensacola Speaks yesterday. “It’s really hard for folks to look at Hillary Clinton’s latest reinvention as something that’s really particularly new or compelling or interesting.”

He doesn’t think that Clinton’s efforts to make her campaign about the middle class will work.

“Frankly, Hillary Clinton is not a person who has had a lot of genuine contact with ordinary human beings in the last forty years. She hasn’t driven a car since the nineties. She doesn’t shop,” he said. “This is not a person who understands the normal American challenges that American families face. She’s not a woman who understands the things that confront Americans in their lives.”

Wilson wasn’t impressed with Clinton’s road trip to Iowa and doesn’t believe she can campaign in this age of social media.

“Hillary has a million things that can go wrong, most of which have to do with the modern environment,” he said. “It took her three and a half weeks for her to give that speech or about her emails. It took her weeks to plan out this little road trip. Shit, I can hop in my car with my wallet and my American Express Card and go across country in about thirty seconds if I have to. Mrs. Clinton needs weeks of advance work. “

He said that the road trip is “completely contrived.”

“This isn’t anything new or different. It’s the same old 1999 jalopy with a new coat of paint on it,” said Wilson. “It’s not going to last and she’s going to have a much bigger hurdle to get over than she’s had in the past because social media is always watching. People are always observant now and you don’t get to get out of the public eye anymore. You are always on camera. “

It’s the constant spotlight that he believes will give her trouble.

“If you’re out in the public, if you’re out in a real campaign in the world as it is today and you get cameras in your face, people are running lines and snapshots and Meerkat and Periscope and everything else, they are looking at you now,” said Wilson. “You are always on camera. She’s going to have to answer questions that she doesn’t the preparation for or the desire to answer because she doesn’t normally have to deal with the little people.”

I will post my interview with Kevin Cate after lunch.