Salzman misses first Florida House session

Newly-elected State Rep. Michelle Salzman wasn’t able to make the Florida House’s Organization Session held yesterday due to a COVID-19 case in her household. Salzman was one of seven lawmakers excused from the session because they either tested positive or had close contact with someone who had. The other representatives included Rep. David Borrero, Adam Botana, Demi Busatta Cabrera, Mike Giallombardo, Geraldine Thompson and Jackie Toledo.

Peter Schorosh of Florida Politics reported this morning: “All but four House members were tested before Tuesday’s Organization Session, including all 78 House Republicans. Anyone present in the chamber tested negative.”

Inweekly contacted Salzman this morning. She said she has not tested positive but her son, who is attending a “brick and mortar” public school, has. Fortunately, he has been asymptotic so far.


2 thoughts on “Salzman misses first Florida House session

  1. I thought the same thing on election night. The most stark contrast in mask wearing was the race for sheriff. At David Alexander’s party, everyone was wearing a mask. At Chip Simmons, I didn’t see anyone on the video wearing a mask.

  2. First off, I am praying for Ms. Salzman’s family and hoping for a full healing for her son and anyone impacted. But when I read this article I thought back to seeing Ms. Salzman at her campaign party in August at the primary and her election day party two weeks ago on the local news. The newscaster interviewing Ms. Salzman was wearing a mask, and both times, on live television, surrounded by supporters and staff, Ms. Salzman was not wearing a mask. Most of the supporters who were crowded into her event and standing inches away from her were not wearing masks either. Now, two weeks later, her son has Covid and I wonder if Ms. Salzman regrets not wearing a mask at her crowded event. I thought about the newscaster holding the microphone for her and having to be so close to someone not wearing a mask. I sure hope that woman is okay. I wonder how many other people at Ms. Salzman’s event two weeks ago now also have Covid in addition to her son.

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