Shackle scapegoats senior for his lack of oversight

WEAR TV has reported the Tate High School’s yearbook editor was suspended five days for a photo of the classmate who rigged last fall’s homecoming queen election at the school.

The yearbook staff was ordered by their adult sponsor to delete or cover up all photos of Emily Grover, who is awaiting trial for her role rigging the homecoming vote. Even though Principal Rick Shackle and the yearbook sponsor signed off on the yearbook proofs, Samantha Guerrier was given a five-day suspension and banned from attending senior events last week. When she tried to pick up her cap and gown, the 18-year-old was threatened with arrest and escorted off campus by an Escambia County deputy.

Guerrier is the daughter of a Navy chief petty officer, a straight-A student and accepted to attended the University of Florida in the fall. By all reports, she has been a model student. She is one of only two Black students on the yearbook staff.

No other students were punished. The adults – Shackle and the teacher who oversees the yearbook – have not been reprimanded.

Guerrier’s classmates and the community have rallied around her on social media. Calls have made to Superintendent Tim Smith and Shackle. The worry is the principal will continue the suspension through the June 7 graduation. Guerrier’s suspension was supposed to end earlier this week.

When do you punish a child because the adults failed to do their jobs?

Stay tuned.


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  1. Typical of Shackle. He’s just anothere member of the arrogant and incestuous Aggie admin cabal, following in the footsteps of Malcolm Thomas and Bill Slayton. Thowback to Shackle’s cover up of the sexual offense that occured in one of gis classrooms several years ago.

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