Spencer, Wingate elected to lead Pensacola City Council

Press release: At a special meeting of the Pensacola City Council held on November 22, 2016, the City Council elected Brian Spencer as the President of the City Council and Gerald Wingate as Vice President of the City Council. The President and Vice President Elect assumed their positions immediately.

In 2013 City voters chose to amend the City Charter by doing away with two at-large City Council seats. In 2014 Dr. Megan Pratt’s District A at-large seat was eliminated and on November 22, 2016 immediate past Council President Charles Bare’s District B at-large seat was eliminated. This brings the total number of City Council Members to seven.


2 thoughts on “Spencer, Wingate elected to lead Pensacola City Council

  1. The prospect of Wingate as council president is frightening – the guy can hardly find his way to the meeting room much less conduct the meeting

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